What’s your dream job?

I remember my first job as a coffee girl. I was 17 years old, and was tired of living on a minimal budget and not having the ability to buy and save for what I wanted. I was happy to finally feel more dependant on myself, but I was never once excited to go to work. It was a bad environment and I put up with every single mean comment that was thrown at me simply because I was an employee. The last thing I wanted was to have a bad reference on my CV. When I was at my lowest I promised myself to be so successful that never again would I tolerate anyone to treat me like that.

So far, 2015 has been very fun and giving. We are award winning bloggers that’ve signed with a big media house starting in May and newly launched our YouTube channel. We get paid to blog about fashion and share everything that’s in our interests. We do feel like opportunities are heading our way. It’s not coming all at once, but every now and then we get a little nod that makes us feel encouraged to evolve ourselves and set new goals for the future. I do think that it’s a good dream job, cause we get to do so much fun, but the ultimate dream would be to create a company out of it.

The dream job would be us being our own boss, travelling the world and do whatever we want. We live in a century where the Internet really allows you to have the freedom to create your own job, so by just being confident in who you are – doors will open!

Now we’re so lucky and humbled to say that we may call this a job that we genuinely like and enjoy to do. Being able to support ourselves by blogging was something we never gave a thought 1.5 years ago. Being a blogger may seem like we’re unemployed to some which is definitely not the case. We spend a lot of time and energy into this unconventional job as aspiring content creators and it’s great! The Internet is the future, guys!

Everyone can make a blog about something that inspires them. This blog is like a personal CV for us. We would never publish anything that we do not stand for, and we are fully aware of how we present ourselves. Our advice is that whatever you do truly take pride in it cause you never know how it might go.  If you’re passionate about something – people will notice and opportunities (and a good drizzle of luck!) will come to those who thrive for it.

We would never get this opportunity if it wasn’t for your support. Thank you so much for commenting, reading and watching our videos ♥

Much love, Alexandra

What is your dream job?

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  • Gratulerer så mye med drømmejobben! Vell fortjent, begge to <3 Jeg må si jeg kjenner meg 100 % igjen i det du skriver over her, og kan vell innrømme at drømmejobben min ser ganske lik ut som deres. Men som dere sier: mulighetene kommer for dem som jobber for dem, og ikke gir opp- that´s my plan! Hihi. Lykke til videre 🙂

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