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This is a fashion and lifestyle blog run and shared by sisters. We are only 1 year apart so it’s safe to say that we have a lot in common as well as similar interests. Many of you wonder if it’s a challenge for us to work together when we are siblings and the answer is:  Yes. It is.

We are sisters, best friends, roommates, and co-bloggers so things can definitely heat up at times! Most of the time, the fighting is about blogging matters. We have different opinions on the posting schedule, responsibilities, what kind of content to present, who we should collaborate with.. It’s a struggle every week to figure out how we should do things and we both have our doubts all the time. Blog content has to be created, deadlines are ticking in and important matters isn’t a priority. It is definitely pressure every day and we often forget to take the time off. Not just from the blog, but from each other.

We are both contributors on the blog with me writing the content and Tsutsumi doing the photo editing. Tsutsumi is the one managing our Facebook page, and I the Youtube Channel. On the camera part, Tsutsumi tends to be more behind the camera than I. (The reasons for that is partly because she’s shy and she accuses me of being a bad photographer)

It is definitely a hassle, but at the end of the day, we wouldn’t want to share this experience with anyone else. We can go from bitter enemies to giggling until our stomach aches. We trust each other and always try to sort things out quickly, because having a strong friendship is what makes this blog possible. Our partnership on this little blog has created a path we never saw coming and we’re enjoying ever minute of it together. Things are happening every day and we get to associate ourselves with some of our favourite brands and travel together. So grateful for that ♥

Have you seen Stylista’s post about Sisters? It is very charming with ten things all sisters can see themselves in. We also think this Youtube video, “Things only Sisters Would Understand” is very funny and accurate. Have a nice Friday! We’re going to start our day with a styling session with Moroccan Oil and then it’s lunch time with H&M regarding their upcoming festival. Talk to you soon!

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