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In collaboration with Elvital & L’Oréal Paris In my recent article about hair care, I...
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  • Hi!
    I have a question for Alexandra as I saw her Sydney posts! What and for how long are you studying in Australia? And did you receive a scholarship or how can you finance unistudies in Australia? How has it been so far??

    • Hi An,
      I will answer everything pretty soon in a later post, but yes I’m here in Sydney to study. It’s a bachelor of business and will last for three years in Sydney. The government in Norway is funding my school tuition at the moment, and when I’m done with my studies I will need to pay it all back eventually 🙂 So far, it’s been very good. I like it here, and would definitely recommend you to do the same if possible. it is a life-changing experience even though I miss my sister and boyfriend back home 🙂

  • hi:) i love your blog, your style and your hair?? i know that you use the curling ion by babyliss but do you know the exact name of it? and also could you two write an article or film a whole video just about your hair story (colour/styling) cause it’s two fab✨
    aaaand last question goes to tsutsumi:) sounds a bit weird but why is your name tsutsumi?? bc that sounds not vietnamese at all and i was just wondering..:D

    love from germany❤