Invited by Maybelline

The stunning model Daniela Lopez Osorio getting dolled up by Maybelline for Custo Barcelona 

My experience of being backstage was mostly instructive cause I got to see how the makeup artists painted the models

The key to this makeup-look is bold brows & luscious lashes. To achieve the “I woke up like this and rolled out of bed looking effortless”, you would have to get your hands on Maybelline’s “Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara” from their fall/winter news. During my stay in NY I did receive the mascara as a gift so I’m very excited to try it out & remake this look for you guys.

– JI OH FALL16 –

For this look Maybelline’s makeup artist, Grace Lee, wanted to create something natural.

“Minimal concealer, brushed brow and a hint of a new clear gloss on the eyes” 

I loved the slicked back hairstyle on the models. It went so well with the glowing makeup which really complimented each other.

After being backstage at a few shows, I’ve learned that this season’s beauty trend is definitely going minimal. Less is more. On the runway, most of the makeup looks consist of the same thing; strobing. What is strobing? it’s basically a form of highlighting which will give you a shimmery & youthful glow. Whenever highlight and youth is in the same sentence my body just twitch mercilessly and transform into Gollum from Lord Of The Rings, aiming for whatever product that would make my face a shining spoon.

Fortunately for me, Maybelline has this wonderful product called “ColoRama Lipgloss”. It double-serves as a lipgloss and highlighter, which you can apply on either your eyes or cheekbones. The “Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer” also works wonders for hiding sleepless nights & enhancing your features.

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