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Hi you! A while ago, Alexandra and I were in Tokyo. In that occasion we had the opportunity to experience Tokyo Disney Sea together with Klook Travel. This fantasy theme park only exists in Japan which made it a must-visit for us. What sets it apart from all the other theme parks is that Disney Sea is inspired by the myths and legends of the sea such as The Little Mermaid & Aladdin. Down below is a picture drizzle that we want to share with you, enjoy!



We started by taking The Disney resort line to our destination. If you are going to visit the park, we recommend that you use the resort line instead of walking for 20 minutes. Save your energy for all the amusement at the park! The best part for me was when I could sing along to the classic Disney tracks on the train, haha.

Alexandra & I goofing around at the heart of the park. Here we got to explore the depth of the ocean aboard in a submarine. Waiting in line for an attraction in this area moves very quickly so you should definitely visit Mysterious Island first!

 On that particular day, we were very lucky with the weather so we decided to match in spring clothes


The Arabian Coast is themed after one of the best Disney movies ever made, Aladdin. If you grew up watching the movie as I did, you will love this area! The Middle Eastern inspired architecture & the exotic atmosphere were just mind-blowing! It felt like I stepped into a whole new world, haha.


I noticed that nearly everyone in the park had matching outfits and head decorations. It was a beautiful sight to look at and very different from all the theme parks I’ve been to. Among the crowd we found one of our favorites and had to snap a picture with these fabulous ladies. Talk about squad goals!


The Mediterranean Harbor is themed as an Italian port city with Gondolas everywhere! The guests could even board and ride it, but we didn’t try. When I think of it, perhaps we should have jumped on the Gondola. It would have been quite an experience. Fingers crossed for a second visit!

When you’re feeling hungry there is a large selection of places to eat. Our personal favorite is The Lost River Cookhouse that serves spicy smoked chicken legs. At the moment, I’m getting water in my mouth just by the thought of it. Take me back, please!

To wrap this all up, The Mermaid Lagoon was our favorite themed area. Why, you ask? Because The Little Mermaid was our first Disney movie and to enter the undersea world of Ariel brought back so many childhood memories! The attractions at this area is more suitable for young children, but the architecture is Insta-worthy I tell you!


Klook Travel is a booking agency that we highly recommend. At their website you can choose a big selection of tours, activities and attractions. The biggest draw is the price guarantee, which means fast-passes and discounts. Since we traveled with Klook, it allowed us to skip the ticket line at the theme park. That was a huge thumps up for us! Thank you Klook Travel for sending us to Tokyo Disney Sea! It’s a trip we will never forget!

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