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 Back at it again with another Japan blog post!

During our time in Tokyo, Alexandra & I spent a couple days at The Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills Hotel. This was without a doubt, one of the best places we stayed at throughout our two-week vacation in Asia. This hotel left an unforgettable imprint on us. I think it is important with first impressions, and Andaz Tokyo made us feel very welcomed upon arrival. It almost felt like we were visiting a friend.

Minkay Song, our host, told us that at Andaz Tokyo every guests are welcomed as friends, and that’s why there is no check-in counter but rather a lounge. So whenever we hung out in the lobby area we were given complimentary drinks and snacks. Think about it. When friends come to visit, do they check-in or pay for drinks? No. That is why staying at Andaz Tokyo is like visiting a friend. I think that was a very clever concept & a great charm of Andaz.

We were extremely impressed with our room, the friendly staff, the professional service we received and especially the breathtaking view! Looking back at all these pictures makes me so nostalgic!

On the 52nd floor, you will find the Rooftop Bar of Andaz Tokyo. Guests can relax on the open-air terrace with drinks & friends, and enjoy the outstanding Tokyo skyline.

In the afternoon, we headed over to Andaz Tavern for a delicious 6-course dinner perched on the 51st floor. A spectacular dining, soothing music and dimmed lights made this evening a memorable one. Since I had a food allergy, the staff created a menu especially for me, which I really appreciated!

We got served European cuisine with native Japanese ingredients. It was nice to taste the best quality of the food that we were already familiar with mixed with the Japanese goodness. A must try is the soup, sado island burdock flan, cedar wood infused ocean crème. It’s delicioussss

I will make another blog post where I’ll go deeper into the hotel with recommendations of whatever you need to do when you’re in Andaz. Remember to come back soon!

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