5 things to do while in Kyoto… Pt. 1

 Arashiyama – Bamboo Grove

IMG_9094bamboo-forestArashiyama is a place located in Kyoto. Here we visited the bamboo grove that was breathtaking and picturesque! Have you seen all the Asian movies where warriors are seen slaying each other in the bamboo groves? Walking through thousand of bamboos surrounding me brought out my inner ninja and I just wanted to jump the super high bamboos. Such an amazing natural phenomenon!


Iwatayama – Snow Monkeys

IMG_9096Just 10 minutes walk from the bamboo forest is the start of every lazy butt’s nightmare – a 20 minute steep hike up a mountain to get to the snow monkeys park. I knew better and wore my sneakers while Tsutsumi, had her fine preppy shoes on. She was basically doomed to have blisters for the rest of the trip. Not far from reaching our destination we got greeted by snow monkeys casually minding their own business crawling around undisturbed by the tourists.. I love their red bums and I love their sassy attitude. They did not give a care and was eating their fruits while scratching their wee. As much as I love seeing them, Tsutsumi and I remember an incident where a baby snow monkey was bashed on by the grown-ups because everyone thought it was cute and fed it all the time. One of the biggest monkey got so aggressive that it grabbed the baby monkey by the head (skull) from the fence and threw it on the ground while screaming its lungs out. Not to be joked with in other words.

on-our-wayThe road up to the park went fairly quick with great scenery along the way.


Kinkaku-ji – Golden Pavilion

AND-I-WILL-ALWAYS-LOVE-YOU-OH-WOWKinkakuji is a Zen temple located in northern Kyoto whose top two floors are covered in gold leaf. During middle school I created this temple for my Arts and Crafts project. I did not realize it was from Kyoto and until this day it is still the most beautiful temple I have seen. It is placed on water and you are set to get beautiful photos from every angle. The garden have statues where people toss coins at for good luck. The Anmintaku Pond is also to be seen and is said to never dry up.

ALEX-PAV-COLLCHEERS-COLLHere we also tried matcha and black sesame ice-cream an Asian fusion!

That’s it for part. 1! Make sure to visit our blog tomorrow for part. 2 where we will talk about the Kiyomizu-dera Temple & Fushimi inari Shrine. Laters!

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