5 things to do while in Kyoto… Pt. 2

Kiyomizu-dera Temple – Goddess of Mercy

IMG_9382Sore feet and tired from a long day we had to visit our last destination, but not without a struggle. After getting off the Kiyomizy-michi bus stop, Google Maps, offered me the weirdest walking direction. Why so? We were about to roam on a 20 minute steep uphill walk to the temple. Die in other words. Thankfully, walking the streets up to the temple was enjoyable with matcha ice cream, girls in kimonos, free sample food and authentic cute Japanese shops. Once you reach the top you are simply left speechless seeing the architecture and design of the temple. It is beautiful! However, we would not recommend you to pay the entrance fee to access the temple unless travelling during cherry blossom season. There was nothing to see, things were getting build and renovated so we felt a little bit ripped-off buhu.

Fushimi inari Shrine – Red Gates

TSU-HEYSIS-RED-COLLJapan has around 6000 temples and shrines. More than half of these are located in Kyoto. There are many temples everywhere in Asia, if you want to see something different you should see the red gates! Fushimi Inari Shrine is an important Shinto Shrine in southern Kyoto and a very picturesque location. It is famous for the thousands of red gates and the trail lead into the wooded forest of Mount Inari. A great sight in Kyoto.

Kyoto was definitely one of our most memorable trips. We did so much in two days and met many cool people during our stay.

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