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IMG_6623Photo: Camila Torres

Hi you. This is my last “Sculpt Your Eyes” blog post, I hope you got inspired as much as I did! I had a fun time playing around with the sculpting makeup products. Who would know that a mascara could triple-serve and transform your boring lashes into captivating ones? I didn’t! Or that my skin tone could actually deal with the lip shade fuchsia? I honestly thought that whenever my olive skin tone and the bright fuchsia collided, it would start natural disaster. But hey! It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined.

But over to the bright side, even though this is an end to my journey, it’s a beginning for you! I challenge my readers to create your own 3-step-look for sculpted eyes and post the result on social media with the hashtag #eyesculpting & #lashsculpting. I would love to see your unique makeup looks. Good luck!

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  • Hey Tsutsumi!
    Love this makeup look.
    You are gorgeous 🙂
    I want to try this look for myself along with my girlfriend!!
    What lipstick did you actually use to create the look?? And what foundation did you try here?
    Please list the extra products you used for the look! I want to try it!
    The eyeliner looks super easy to use?

  • Can you do a post on how you edit you’re beautiful instagram photos?

    Truly stunning! Would love some tips!