She Always Wear Black, But She Has The Most Colorful Mind

– She Always Wear Black, But She Has The Most Colorful Mind –

Tsutsumi does not know that I am doing this, but I think you would like to know more about her. So here it goes,

1. Tsutsumi is amazing at drawing. When she was 7 years old she won the title “Best Creative Artist” in primary school. She has a talent in storytelling & putting her thoughts into paper – and she always draws up her outfits before packing for a destination. She also has an Instagram called @Tsutsumidoodles where she uploads her creations and fan drawings.

2. She has Ornithophobia – Fear of Birds and makes it really clear for us whenever we stumble upon one

3. She has not had her natural dark hair for almost 5 years. She used to have super thick strong hair, but has over the years tried a variety of hairstyles. It was during her ombre days that she became known for her luscious locks, but eventually she became tired of the damage and chopped it all off for a more edgy silver grey look.

4. Tsutsumi spends most of her time traveling, and even though she is shy towards new people there is some kind of spark that boost her confidence when she is surrounded by international influencers. I really think her creative humble soul is going to reach far and beyond her imaginations.

5. Tsutsumi has the ability to bring out the best in people and lift up the ones she loves. She is very inclusive and loving of her family and friends and is the family’s little firecracker. She is a makeup talent and during a photoshoot session she will spend heaps of time putting makeup on every single girl – including me, our cousins and her best friend. Our little sister, Victoria even gets dolled up as well just because Tsu knows how much it means for her to be included.

6. She tends to hide all the sweets that mom buys from the siblings and eat it for herself.

7. She is the funniest person I know. Her jokes comes natural and she can make fun out of anything. Her snapchat stories are hilarious, I am never bored of her quirky personality and feel so lucky to call her my sister and best friend.

8. Ever since we were little babies my mom always dressed us up alike. We shared rooms and bed and even when we got separate beds one of us would crawl over to the other, just because. Until this day we still match all our outfits and do everything as a duo.

You probably know by now, but Tsutsumi just came back from Paris doing a secret project for L’oreal. I have seen BTS footage and can tell you that the campaign launch in September is going to be big! I am beyond proud of her accomplishments and wish nothing but the best for her xx Love you, Mi !
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