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The Glam & Bold Chic suits the girl who loves attention & glamor. Here are 4 easy steps on how to create that look.

  1. FRAME YOUR EYES with Brow Artist Plumper. The color I used on this look is in Medium to Dark. Sculpt your brows into the shape you prefer. Once you’re satisfied with your shape, brush the remaining product on the inner part of the brow for a natural look.

  1. SHAPE AND EMPHASIZE YOUR EYES with Super Liner Ultra Precision. Create a delicate thin line to the upper eyelid and then draw a sophisticated line until the middle of the lower lid. Start with several small strokes for an even line. To achieve the perfect winged liner, draw over the previous line from the outer edge and drag it towards your inner corner. This will give a smooth finishing touch.

  1. ENHANCE AND CREATE INTENSIVE VOLUME with False Lash Wings Sculpt. This mascara has a special brush that gives your eyelashes 3 different effects. Firstly, it creates a tightline effect with a fuller looking lash line. Secondly, it adds intensive volume, which is a good thing for girls that are doomed with short lashes like myself. Lastly, it creates a fan effect.

  1. Finish the look with a fuchsia shade lipstick. Au revoir et bises à tous! 

All the pictures for this blogpost are taken by my good friend & colleague Camila Torres! See more make-up tutorials & step-by-step beauty photos at


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