In collaboration with Elvital & L’Oréal Paris

Hi you! Today I decided to go for a tad different blog article that is going to focus on the hair! Yes, you heard it right. HAIR. My hair has been through a whole lot the past few years. Even though I stay minimal and rarely change my style & makeup, I always manage to try out the latest trends on my hair. Long, short, blonde, purple, grandma, you name it. Although, I try out varieties of styles it also dries it out completely. I used to have thick hair, not to mention, a healthy one. Now I wake up every morning looking the opposite of flawless.

In collaboration with Elvital and L’Oréal Paris, we want to help you find your #hairobsession and the right way to treat it. This collection has a lot of diversities. The one that works best for me, might not be the one that works best for you. Cause, news flash, you might want to protect your hair-color while I want nourish my dry scalp. We are all complicated in our own unique way. That’s why I am very happy that Elvital is launching a new campaign focusing on different hair types.


Three words to describe the ideal hair; healthy, strong & smooth! These three combined is when I feel the most confident, which makes “THE YELLOW ONE” my go-to product! Elvital Anti-Breakage is made especially for those with dry and damaged hair. In other words, for me. I am obsessed with the products because it focuses on the damaged areas to build and repair, while soften and making it smoother. I definitely see results on my hair and I can safely say that this product has done more to my split ends than an expensive hair product has ever accomplished. Not only does it strengthen it, but also the price is very reasonable and easily accessible for The Yellow Girl out there.


Elvital Extraordinary Oil has not only one, but 6 micro flower oils! If you want to take hair-care to the next level, than this product is the one for you. The ultra light formula cares intensely from the root to the tip. Since it contains lots of oil, the hair gets brilliant shine & irresistible softness to it.


Can the person with thin hair please step forward? Yes, you. Elvital Fibralogy is for the girl with thin & delicate hair. This product will help to make your hair thicker and fuller after wash. The best tip from me is to blow-dry your hair with your head hanging upside down. Immediately volume I tell you!


Elvital Nutri-Gloss Luminizer was my favorite to use before all the split-ends happened after coloring. The Pink One is for the girl with fine hair, but want to walk that extra mile for some irresistible shine. It adds shimmer that last up to 48 hours, which fits perfect for a night out with the girls!  AND, it smells good!


You should get your hands on The Red One if you have colored hair and highlights. Elvital Color-Vive has a UV filter that is specially made to protect & seal the hair and prolongs the shine. That’s a three in one wish right there.

What is your color? Take the test at hairobsession.lorealparis.no and find it out yourself! Good luck.


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