KISSES-KITTENJe me sens un peu paresseuse aujourd’hui. “Tsutsumi, do you speak french?” you ask. No, I don’t speak french but I’m a bit lazy though. On lazy days, I love spending time on Youtube for an inspiration boost and a quick laugh. After hours of lurking, I came across i-D model mother tongue that is too good not to be shared! The series focus on models giving an introduction in their mother tongue. Throughout the film you’ll get lots of quirky phrases, both in their language and translated. So you learn while you watch, thumps up! Each film is directed with an unique theme that is related to their native language. The films are very humorous, playful and not least inspiring. If you like a Wes Anderson movie, you will probably like these too!

More of i-D model mother tongue here.

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