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PAINT-ELVITALIn my recent article about hair care, I did a review on the Elvital #Hairobsession series. You can read it here. Of all five products, I got more attached to The Yellow One, as I felt it fit my hair the most and filled the requirements for the ideal hair that I wanted. In this article I will give you a fuller review on why this is the one for me.


Words to describe the ideal hair:

HEALTHY – It prevents dryness and can help to make your split ends heal & strands happy-go-lucky again.

STRONG – It contains Cement-Cermaide imitating the hair’s own cement and gives your locks the strength that it needs.

SMOOTH – It focuses on the damaged areas to build and repair, while soften and making it smoother.

These three combined, packed in a bottle, is a must-have for every girl with damaged hair. My first impression of this product was mostly positive. I’m actually very familiar with Elvital products because I’ve used it a lot during most of my teenage years, and I still do! My go-to product at that time was The Pink series. However, after all the bleaching that left my hair damaged, I was left with no choice but to move on to another product that provided strength and recovery. Luckily for me, I got led to The Yellow One that has become my favorite from the series.

When I apply the anti-breakage shampoo on my hair, it immediately left instant shine and a smooth appearance! For me, conditioner is the most important part in my hair care routine. I can drop shampoo and hair mask, but I can never go out of a shower without conditioning my hair. The Anti-breakage conditioner does wonders to restore healthy hair and keep it tangle free. I’m halfway through my bottle, and all I can say is that you really notice the difference if you use it over a long period. This is why The Yellow One is the soul mate to my locks and I highly recommend it!

Together with Elvital and L’Oréal Paris, we want to help you find your #hairobsession and the right way to treat it. Want to find out what color fits your hair the most? Take the test at and find it out yourself! Good luck.

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