TSUMI-PINK-COLLHello & Good Morning.

Today I feel a bit weary, and the only thing keeping my Wednesday morning colorful is this outfit from last week that I wore on my birthday. I’ve received so many kind words about this outfit, especially the top! Every girl simply needs a romantic flutter top in their wardrobe. It’s a special piece for a special occasion.

So, what should I do today? Well, I shall read a book and just draw whatever I’m feeling and thinking at the moment while listening to soothing jazz. That’s my kind of “yoga” on a weary day. Current book situation, you ask? ‘Love Style Life’ by the charming Garance Dore. Thank me later, and see you on the next one!

TSUTSUMI-PINK-COLLTSUTSUMI-PINK-CLOUD-OOTDTop Sonder The Label Bottom H&M Bag Chanel Accessory The Kooples

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