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Bali, oh Bali! What an amazing island with so much spirit to it. For this trip we got to experience some of the most beautiful places and resorts the island has to offer including Sanur, Ubud, Uluwatu, Nusa Dua and Seminyak. An unforgettable experience that we’re so happy we got to share with you on Instagram and Snapchat, as it has been so fun for us! Here is our Bali week day by day, we hope you like it ♥



Balinese Cooking Class

Gazing out over Rice Fields


Bali has many traditional dishes to offer, so on our first day we booked ourselves a Balinese cooking class with our own chef. We made Soba noodles, curry paste from scratch and a tasty tuna dinner. It was a really cool experience and we felt so accomplished when enjoying it by the pool overlooking the beautiful rice fields.

WAKE UP TOSpeaking of rice fields, you can visit the Tegalalang Rice Terrace if you leave nearby Ubud or Sanur area for some breathtaking views. We didn’t visit this particular place because our resort was located right next to a rice field, so we were lucky enough to wake up to the sun shining over the rice fields.



Traditional Market

Ubud Monkey Forest Temple

Spare Ribs at Naughty Nurie’s


Since Sanur is a small area, we spent half a day to explore the culture of Ubud.  We stayed in the Sanur area so a 45min one-way car ride to Ubud cost us $250 000. I did some research online in regards to transport and by the looks of it $200 000 – $250 000 is a good price for that distance. Upon arrival In Ubud we visited the Monkey Forest Temple. The monkeys living in the area wild animals and very aggressive compared to the snow monkeys we met in Kyoto, Japan back in March (see here) Since neither Mom, Tsu or me had our shoulders covered we were very careful to not draw unwanted attention. Our driver warned us to take care of our belongings because some monkeys are cheeky enough to steal, but nevertheless it was a cool experience to see the temple.

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After this we just walked down a path that lead us to the traditional market. The stalls here are almost identical with all offering the same things, but very interesting to see and so much life! When the sun set we got in a taxi that took us to famous Naughty Nuri’s for barbecued spare ribs. There are no queues and you simply have to line up and wait for a table to clear up. You’re guaranteed to leave smelling like BBQ smoke, but if you’re in Ubud; this place can simply not be missed!


Kopi Luwak Coffee tasting

COPPEEThe place where the world’s most expensive coffee is grown is right here in Bali which made it a unique experience for us to try. Kopi Luwak is made of a cat-looking animal that eats a specific coffee bean, partly digesting it, before it is then pooped out to our enjoyment. We visited a local coffee garden and got to taste and compare Kopi Luwak and ordinary coffee. Kopi Luwak has a richer coffee taste and a good aftertaste, so we actually liked it!


Day trip to Nusa Dua Three Islands

If you live in the Nusa Dua area this will be the perfect place for water sports. On the fourth day of our trip we booked a day trip through Klook Travel to see the three islands of Nusa Dua. The boat ride was insane on max-speed with no need for life-vests and most of the time you saw nothing but the ocean. I personally loved the thrill of the boat literally jumping its way to its next destination, but its for sure not suitable for someone who gets easily boat-sick. The program’s slogan is “Get The Ocean Rafting Fever” so if you’re up for an adventurous trip from start to end this is your activity!

Our tour-guide picked us up in the early morning and the activity program provided snorkeling gear for us. On our way to the snorkel destinations we cruised through a hidden beach in a cave, bat rock and 300 natural iconic coastal cliffs.


The snorkelling spots that day were at Gamat Bay and Bali Hai Pontoon. We were lucky with the weather giving us crystal clear views of the turquoise waters! The sea-world was AMAZING with colorful corals and fishes of all shapes and colors. (We found Dory!) I was very impressed by the views, because when visiting Cairns, Australia last year many of the corals in the area we where in was already dead due to tourists touching the delicate coral. I therefore truly hope that while visiting people will be respectful of the sea life because it’s so beautiful and should stay like that for as long as possible.

SEA LIFE COLLIMG_1377After snorkeling and enjoying a picnic lunch buffet we got to spend lots of time at the Bali Hai Beach Club. Here we got on a banana boat ride, paddle boarded, sun bathed and enjoyed cocktails. It was an unforgettable experience and I’m so glad we found this activity on Klook Travel and managed to book in advance. If you plan on visiting Lombok or Gilli Islands then do consider this activity, it exceeded our expectations!


Padang-Padang beach in Uluwatu

ALEX-PDA very beautiful beach recommended by many of our readers. Eye-catching scenery and great waves for surfers. The passage down to the beach is pretty steep and since its between two massive rocks its also very narrow making people having to queue up going one-by-one. Expect for the place to be cramped with tourists if you’re traveling during peak season.

PADANG EYE WAVES COLLTSU-PADNALEX-PADN-ROEverything in Bali is around 30-45 minutes apart from each other so if you want to explore as much as possible our tip would be to hire a driver. It is an island paradise with lots to offer for all kinds of travelers. This trip was a much needed retreat from the fast-paced life to just enjoy life. Hopefully you liked our little Bali Guide and we look forward for your city to be the next!


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