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If you ever plan on visiting Manila, then this is the post you want to read. Philippines is a country Tsutsumi and I have been wanting to visit simply because we are always mistaken for being Filipinos. We are of Vietnamese ethnicity, but couldn’t be more stoked to blend in with the country everybody thinks we are from ♥ Even though we only had three days, our time in Manila was a pleasant one. One thing that was quite an experience was our home away from home at Acacia Hotel Manila. When on visit we decided to stay with a local filipino hotel making it extra special for us.


Upon arrival to our bedroom (at midnight!) we got greeted by a framed picture of us and personal greetings on the flatscreen TV. It was such a cute gesture making us feel at home straight away. The plushy dream bed was amazing and we spent countless of hours relaxing while having our breakfast in bed the day after. I am still daydreaming about the delicious meals we had!



Acacia Hotel happens to have a beautiful spa center, so you best believe we had a girls night during our visit! After an adventurous day in Manila we booked four girls in for a one-hour massage at the Lurra Spa and had the best time of our lives here. From what we experienced the staff are truly professionals knowing exactly where to loosen up our muscles. It was an amazing and relaxing experience that calmed our stressed out bodies. We wished it stayed on forever, because one hour flew by!


The Lobby

We went here for lunch and had some tea and pastries in the afternoon while enjoying the calm ambiance of the hotel. Our entertainment for the day was actually a full-on wedding shoot at the hotel which was so nice to witness.

Acacia Buffet

Dinner and breakfast buffet with large windows letting in natural lights – this place had a perfect ambiance to cater our needs. We felt so spoiled when dining because the chef would make us food that wasn’t even on the menu. We got to try out traditional soup and adobo which was so good. Thumbs up for the chefs!

A Steakhouse

This is the place for all you steaklovers out there looking for a feast. Sitting in majestic chairs we got a live caesar salad preparations from the cute waitress while listening to soothing tunes from the musicians. It was a magical experience to have professionals playing songs we had on request. We’re definitely Disney girls at hearts!

Taking a dip in the pool

Prior to our breakfast rituals we took a quick swim at the swimming pool. To our amusement the staff played the best R&B songs which kick-started our day. There’s nothing more refreshing than a morning swim.



When we arrived in Manila we kind of knew what activities that we were interested it, but was pretty clueless in regards to when it would be suitable to plan on our itinerary. The charming staff helped us plan our trip and made it so much easier for us to explore the city. A local’s recommendation about where to visit will always be gold tips!



Our stay was something we will remember for a long time thanks to every one of the charming staff at Acacia Hotel. Customer satisfaction was so good they even called us several times at night to check if we needed anything at 9pm, haha. We felt right at home and can’t compliment Acacia enough for making us feel as welcomed as we did. Until next time, #MyAcaciaStory ♥

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