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SINGAPORE-UNI-HEADERHello everyone! Not long ago, Alexandra and I spent an adventurous day at Universal Studios in Singapore with Klook. As promised on our recent travel post, here is our special insider guide on everything from our favorite spots to the wildest rides that you have to try if you ever visit. First and foremost, the amusement park consists of 7 themes zones – Hollywood, New York, Madagascar, Far Far Away, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt and Sci-Fi City. Each area has its own attractions, restaurants and street performances.


I would like to mention that, Universal Studios in Singapore is much smaller and the queues are shorter compared to the one in Los Angeles. Due to that, we managed to take a bunch of rides. The longest waiting time was around 45 minutes, which is a dream when it comes to theme parks. Alexandra and I didn’t buy the express-pass, but got to visit all the attractions we fancied without it. So it’s safe to say that you can drop the express-pass if you have a patient heart.


Alexandra in line for the “Puss in Boots Giant Journey” ride. What’s better to do than having a mini photo-session while waiting for 45 minutes? #killingtime


Tropical jungle, movie-themed creatures, and the perfect playground for the young ones. This area is mainly suited for families. If you want to explore the entire park and are unsure where to start, we encourage you to visit this area first for some tropical sightseeing or settle down for a quick bite.

MADA-COLLGLORIASStop by “Glorias Snack Shack” for a little tropical treat before entering The Lost World that is just around the corner.


Do you love roller coasters as we do? The “Revenge Of The Mummy” is the most thrilling ride by our books! Go to the Ancient Egypt area for a fun ride that will have you literally hanging off the edge of your seat!


Oh, please take us back! Walking along the “Walk of Fame” was so nostalgic we felt like being back in Hollywood. Absolutely loved exploring Universal Studios, the movie set locations are picture-perfect.



Iconic buildings and movie set locations, sassy photo sessions with Marilyn Monroe, Madame Tussaud’s Vin Diesel, a live street dance performance and girls singing musicals – this place is a perfect replica of the livid Big Apple.


Comfortable shoes are a must especially if you’re standing all day on your feet. Alexandra brought with her an extra pair of shoes to change throughout the day.

So many of you fell in love with our dreamy floral dresses and we loved it just as much. Even though the weather was humid our pieces still managed to keep us cool rather than drenched with sweat (and it has yet to get wrinkled!) which says a lot about the quality of these two beauties. You can find Alexandra’s dress here For my outfit the top and bottom can be found here and here. 

We booked our tickets in advance through Klook Travel, and got to enter the park straight away instead of waiting in the mile-long queue at the entrance. Back in March, Alexandra & I visited Disney Sea in Japan, also through Klook that you can read about HERE. We have been taking several activities with Klook and the experience has always been fun. Because of that we highly recommend you to book with Klook, so check out their page the next time you plan a trip to ASIA. Thank you for having us, Klook ♥

See you on our next travel guide!

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