If there is one place in Bali that knows how to make a phenomenal breakfast spread, The Balé would be it. When staying at the resort we had the option to either dine at the restaurant or order breakfast to our villa. As you can see we opted for in-room dining, simply because we didn’t want to leave. Normally, Tsutsumi and I are either sleeping-in like the less pretty versions of sleeping beauty, or have such a rush in the morning that we dont have time for breakfast. But whenever we’re away, the best thing about going for a vacation is a big breakfast spread. Sleeping is suddenly a time machine to wake up nice and happy for breakfast at 7:00am. That being said, The Balé have a really luxurious setting to all aspects of the resort making it pretty easy to wake up too ♥

When traveling we always have a huge breakfast in the morning, ‘cause with so much to explore we dont really know when the suitable time for the next meal will be. Starting the day with food in our bellies keeps our mood up-beat and happy all day for adventures in Bali.


What’s better than to wake up in a tropical paradise in white robes? Hands down, breakfast in bed. While staying at The Balé resort in Nusa Dua we had breakfast like champions every day. Eggs Benedict, fried noodles, fruit platters and fresh smoothies. You name it, they got it. So delish!

Have a lovely weekend, sweeties! ♥

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