The World Is Your Oyster


Surround Yourself With Inspiring Beings

It’s 2:00 AM in the morning and as usual I’m in my room with thoughts, expectations and anxiety. This week have been chaotic, but with that being said I wouldn’t have it any other way. Tsutsumi and I are so glad we decided to jump on board the blogosphere three years ago. It has given us so many opportunities and experiences we would never have without. This blog kick-started our careers.

Two weeks ago I held my very first blog event at the University and shared the story of our journey. It was a nerve-wrecking challenge, but the feeling of accomplishment couldn’t be more real. Soon after, I made “Silly Girl With A Silly Life” that received amazing feedbacks from you who resonated with my story. I realized how important it is to document our journey with all the obstacles and challenges. Why? Maybe because it’s not always about faking it till you make it. Even though it can be tough to figure out the perfect things to say or do, you shouldn’t be afraid to be honest. Don’t create and manufacture a cliche success story, but rather document and share your own thoughts.

One thing that grinds my gears is when someone tells us that we got to where we are because we were lucky. We are lucky that we can work anywhere in the world with a wifi connection, but it started with a computer that you are also fortunate to have. I believe we created our own luck and opportunities simply by doing. I despise when people have to drag others down on their own mission to success. There are simply no value in negativity – we should rather be rooting and build each other up. Tsu and I got to this point because we had an idea and worked on it everyday instead of talking the talk. But then I realize it’s also because we have yet to share our story. We are all about creating content and can at times forget to document along the way. Creativity shouldn’t be forced, it should be inspiring and real.


Nothing Is Beneath You

When I was 17, I landed my first job as a coffee girl. I made and served all types of coffee, unglamorously wiped restrooms after a Saturday night shift, worked tirelessly everyday and got picked on. I learned to deal with it and carried my duties on with enthusiasm. As an employee, my first job wasn’t easy, but it taught me to work hard and be dedicated. I learned that nothing is beneath me.

Likewise, I believe internships and other poor jobs are very important. Your work might seem meaningless doing unrelated task, going on coffee-runs and feel disrespected, but you’ll realize the valuable experience it has on yourself. What I mean is that the work we do is a reflection of who we are. If you are hard-working, it’s because you have that mentality inside you regardless of the workplace. If you’re winging your tasks or are late at it, its because you’re late inside. How you handle your work becomes a mirror of who you are. You could be the best in your field, but it won’t matter without building the relationships that will help and emphasize your skills. It’s not about what you’re going to do, but who you’re going to meet.


 Doing Things You Love

Tsutsumi and I are sisters who grew up sharing bedroom and closets. Since we started the blog as students with little to no income our style was inspired by international trend-setters, but always on a budget-friendly level. We dress alike, have the same goals, and do basically everything together. It was very interesting for readers to get insight into our wardrobes and see how one piece could be styled completely different from each other. When you have to think about how to style your outfit on a budget it gets better as opposed to just being able to afford anything you want. But one important factor that differentiates us from others was that we brought the ideas to life through the launch of this blog. When raising your opinion at a public platform there will always be that uncertainty of being misunderstood or criticized. Instead of trying something new, you’d rather not even try in order to not risk failing. But it’s when you try and fail that you realize that it actually isn’t as bad as you thought.

 What I wish for you to take from this post is that no matter what your background is, what you’ve done, whether you studied or not or whatever reason; it doesn’t matter. So many people find reasons to why they can’t do something or why they shouldn’t do something. You can talk about things you want to do, but if you end up wishing you did – then you have to stop making excuses and focus on achieving your goals. The world is your oyster! ♥

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