Oh my, we are already in September! Summer flew by and in less than three months I will be in Norway patiently waiting for the Christmas trip to London. Although the blog and youtube has been the priority, Tsutsumi and I have been taking a little vacay from updating our Instagram’s, and therefore it has not been as optimal. I do however feel more motivated to do well in other aspects of my life, but after a week of running on low battery I wanted to give myself a check-list to fulfill.

Pinboard made by our blog colleague and friend Eirin Kristiansen
Pinboard made by our blog colleague and friend Eirin Kristiansen


Every Saturday I spend the day doing nothing else but watch online series. Instead of going out and socialize I find it so comforting to just relax in my room – my comfort zone. After a long tiring week – doing this works perfectly for me as an occasional introvert (does that even make sense?)

Isn’t that weird? I’m living in the land of opportunities with so many chances to network and socialize with likeminded people, but yet I choose to stay locked in either stressing over all the things I have to do or wanting to chill out after a busy week. There is so much more than sitting in an office in front of the computer all day. This coming week I will therefore go out and experience, make time to see my friends for a coffee or two and be better at juggling between work and social life!

Stay Active

Often I schedule my time to suit Tsutsumi’s time zone in order to work on projects together. Along the way I forget to take care of myself and run on autopilot. In order to recharge my drained batteries I will take the time this week to embrace the Aussie spring and go for a walk in the park and lunch out to switch off. To refresh my mind and body I will also be attending minimum one dance class because it makes me feel good.


I rarely update you about my everyday life (just realized!) here in Sydney, but next week I will do an Interview with Austern International regarding a company challenge I did with Showpo, attend a blogger event called “Bright Pink Lipstick Day” and be present at the “Big Fashion Sale”. I often find it hard to talk to strangers at events or other social gatherings and tend to say no more than yes. This week I will give it a go and be the best version of myself. I look forward to have fun meaningful conversations, stay in touch and meet new friends and connections.

Switch off

I’ve been so worked up in reading theory and focus on studies that I’ve lacked inspiration. With so much motivation from within I have therefore decided to spend the upcoming weekend for a retreat with my friends at Jervis Bay to not think about work, switch off and be inspired.

Career Talk

I spend my days giving career talk to my sister and our siblings whenever I feel like I have something valuable to share. With all this knowledge of studying abroad and interest in entrepreneurship, I feel like sharing my two sense can somehow help them or anyone to be motivated and not fall of track. Doing this also helps me realize what matters to me and why it’s important.

What do you think? My bucket list for next week is going to make me have a clear mind on whats to come, but also lots of fun to look forward to. I hope you enjoyed your weekend and remember to try out everything, be spontaneous and live life. Let me know what motivates you! 

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  • Hei! Jeg fant bloggen deres i går, og jeg ble liggende halve natten og scrolle :p Så flinke dere er!
    Jeg lurer på om Tsutsumi er et vietnamesisk navn? Litt rart spørsmål kanskje, men kjæresten min er vietnamesisk, og han kjente ikke igjen navnet. Hehe 🙂
    Dere er nydelige!

    • Hei fine! Tusen takk, det var veldig hyggelig å høre 🙂
      Får vi lov til å spørre hvor du fant oss? Tsutsumi er japansk, mamma var i det kreative hjørnet under sin graviditet!

  • Åh, da gir det mening! 🙂 Så herlig historie da! Jeg fant dere på via en reklame for L’Oréal, og jeg klikker aaaaldri på sånne ting, men Tsutsumi sine bryn var så sykt fine, så jeg måtte finne ut hvem hun var! Hehe. Håper bloggen deres blir superkjent, for dette var kvalitet fra a til å, og et deilig univers å dykke inn i <3 Stå på videre, babes!