Make It A September To Remember


While most people are prepping themselves for the upcoming fall season excited as ever to snuggle up in knits, chai latte and boots – Sydney is already bringing along long hot days followed by beach waves, coconuts and tanning oil. That’s the beauty of living on the other side of the world. The seasons are different, semesters starts and finish earlier and (ironically) the time zones makes me the one living in the future, worried and anxious about what’s to come and things that may never happen.

Everyday I spend countless of hours hunched over the laptop trying to smash out either an assignment, project or content post in between pasta breaks and heavy dark under-eyes. When tasks are done I find myself binge-watching tv series all night and most certainly do not wake up the day after glowing like the perfect Summer story. To be honest, I’ve never been the best at taking care of my skin and have on multiple occasions woken up with yesterday’s makeup. But so far in September I’ve been spending 10 minutes every morning and night to slowly massage in a routine of gel cleansers, scrubs and sleeping masks from the Korean skincare retailer Peach and Lily. A calm and lovely self care activity!

Two weeks from now Tsutsumi will board the flight to Greece together with Olympus Pen for a workshop retreat. You might or might not know, but last year we got invited to Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week together with Olympus Pen, here, where we also attended successful workshops with the brand. This time they’re doing it in Greece, so I think it’s safe to say that sunshine and soft sand between your toes is going to give you serious #vacaygoals.

Due to living in Sydney and attending university I don’t get to travel with Tsutsumi as often as we used to, but at the same time I couldn’t be more excited for her doing this for her own growth! I’m so proud of her killing it in the industry while representing G&D. She just came back from Paris after shooting together with L’Oréal Hair Style, so keep your eyes peeled for the launch! This is the dream and its surreal.

As for my own travel desires I just came back from a small retreat to beautiful Jervis Bay, a place with the whitest sand in the world. What do you call 90’s R&B tunes, perfect scenery, dogs splashing round the crystal-clear water and long roadtrips? A young traveller’s paradise. I went there feeling guilty for putting all my responsibilities on hold and found myself constantly feel like there was something I ought to be doing. Despite that, I had a great time and it felt so good dragging myself out to the ocean and live in the moment. These days I am waiting for my booking confirmation to arrive, because after 1.5 years living abroad I’ll be flying home for Christmas. Lord knows why I would want to leave the legendary Aussie summer in return for cold Winter breeze, slippery ice and freezing my dried face off, but I’m very excited knowing what awaits me while there.

I look forward to the adventures.

Photos taken by Claire Aristides

Lastly, on behalf of G&D I want to thank you for checking in on our blog every now and then. We feel like the luckiest who can carry on doing what we like and every comment you give us truly means a lot. Tsutsumi and I are always Face-timing while reading your comments and take turns replying back. We want the experience you have here to be positive and inspiring, because you are our motivators, which is why I can share with you that changes are about to happen to this platform. I hope you will continue to follow us on the journey together and when announced hopefully we get to hear your thoughts about it. Until then, enjoy your weekend ♥

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