Fashion Bloggers strikes back at Vogue’s harsh criticism

On the left: gettyimages On the right:’s editors Sally Singer, Sarah Mower, Nicole Phelps, and Alessandra Codinha shared their opinions of Milan Fashion Week and along the topics decided to criticize bloggers and influencers present.

Vogue Blogger Takedown: It’s certainly true that street style has become less about having genuine style and more about piling on the most eye-catching, in-season pieces (some of which is paid product placement from brands, something akin to editors including clothing and accessories in magazine shoots to please their advertisers). We are all guilty of mocking the “season pushers,” the women wearing fur in September and sandals in February to show off their newest goods; that is still very ridiculous, and editors are just as guilty of this practice. But bloggers, the “death of style”? – Fashionista

Sarah Mower,’s chief critic, chimed in, calling bloggers who participate in street-style photography “pathetic,” adding:

You watch how many times the desperate troll up and down outside shows, in traffic, risking accidents even, in hopes of being snapped.



Danielle, Weworewhat: “If women can’t even support each other in a female-centric industry, then we really are screwed”

Shea Marie, Peaceloveshea: “I would think an institution such as Vogue would respect young entrepreneurs instead of belittling them. How many of your covers are paid for “head to toe looks” by brands? What about the daily “street style” on your website homepage. Why? Because guess what? That’s what get the clicks.”

Aimee, Songofstyle“Bloggers can be easy targets because we’re the face of our own brands and have an institution to hide behind. It is because as individuals, we have managed to compete with a global institution like yours that this is suddenly a problem?”

Carolineevreeland: “If certain people on your team hate bloggers & influencers so much, I’m just curious why you put them on your international covers to increase sales”


As bloggers ourselves we can’t help but be taken aback by the condescending and negative tone of these editors. The bloggers, influencers and creators roaming the streets are so much more than the “stripper” label they’re given. To have other editors of a respective magazine openly bash the hard work bloggers do is sad. Borrowing clothes for styling, fashion week and editorials is nothing new in the industry – it couldn’t be more common. Street-style and social media is what drives fashion and connecting people. As fashion enthusiasts – seeing our favorite bloggers report directly from the fashion week is a privilege and a new interpretation of style.

Sally Singer, Vogue’s creative digital director:

Find another business.

That comment says more about the editors than it does about the fashion bloggers. Placing the blame on bloggers on how the direction of the fashion industry is heading towards is unfair. Bloggers help make the fashion industry more human, real and reachable – not an industry an exclusive clique can participate in. We are part of the fashion ecosystem and even when considered more “commercialized” than high-end it’s still helping it move forward.

Danielle, Weworewhat: “I’ve always felt the word “blogger” is a reductive and non-descriptive of what I and many others like myself do. I am an entrepreneur, an influencer and a business woman. And yes, I have a blog too.”

Aimee, Songofstyle: “We had to pave our own way for the opportunities to do something we love and inspire people along the way. Some would say that we even created a new category of businesses.”

Shea Marie, Peaceloveshea: “I build and design my own successful line, style and creative consult for brands. I take pride in giving hope to young women around that world that they too can build something from nothing. I think I speak for “us” all when I say that if you weren’t threatened you wouldn’t care at all”


The fashion industry should be about bringing likeminded together, lift up one another and cheer on each others success. Candid That want to celebrate everyone out there who are breaking barriers and do their own thing as this generation’s greatest entrepreneurs. Having the courage to put yourself out there is the type of inspiration women need.

What is your opinion on Vogue’s editors encounter with bloggers during Milan Fashion Week 17?

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