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I’ve been flying numerous times this year, but yet it feels like forever since I was on board an airplane. Reality of a #travelholic? With that being said – It is a great feeling to know that my next destination is finally to where my loved ones are. One month from now I’ll be on my way home for Christmas with finnair.

Tsutsumi and I have previously traveled with finnair from Norway to Singapore and found the experience a great shortcut from Europe to Asia. With more than 27 hours on an airplane it’s very important to me that the airline I travel with is comforting, attentive and secure. I want the time spent to be an experience itself. If you’ve been following our blog for a while you would probably know about the horrible experience I had when travelling to Sydney for the first time. Not the greatest start to a new beginning! With short layovers, flexibility in travel dates and lounge time in between I therefore chose to fly with finnair once again when heading home for Christmas. In between meals and sobbing to chick flicks on board I hope to adjust myself to the time zones in ultimate comfort.

Two weeks after catching up with family and friends I will board the flight once again to London for a long weekend getaway. The agenda is mostly sightseeing, christmas shopping, fine dining and a potential purchase of a Chanel bag from me to me. The beauty of living in Europe, yeah? In Australia; two hours on a flight takes you to the next neighbor city, but in Europe that means immersing yourself in a new country with experiences, language barriers and amazing culture.

As a traveller always on the look-out for good deals; while browsing finnair’s homepage I noticed that they offer a stopover in Finland for up to 5 days when you’re on the way to Asia. Two countries for the price of one – awesome! So before I head back to Sydney in March I’ll spend two days to discover another destination; beautiful Helsinki, Finland’s capital.

I’m confident there will be more travels happening when in Europe, but in the meanwhile be on the lookout for a Sydney City Guide!

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