– 20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do –

I am currently sitting in my Sydney apartment with the laptop on my lap surrounded by soft music, vibrant wall decor and rays of sunshine on my face. I’m moving out in 30 days and will spend the next four months back in Europe. Unsure where my next apartment will be when I get back, but I know for sure I’m done with dorm life and can’t wait to find a place with stunning city views. As days go by I find it more and more important to live in an environment that inspire and motivates me. A space of my own. Why I’ve spent my precious years in Sydney living in a dorm and losing out on the opportunity to truly experience the big city is beyond me.

In the middle of all this, I find myself reflecting on the 1.5 years that I’ve spent in this amazing city so far and how much it has changed me. I have slowly grown into the person I envisioned and believe by the end of 2016 that I’ll hopefully be even more persistent with who I need to be and how I can make what I want a reality. 1.5 years flew by in the blink of an eye and it feels surreal that I’m only halfway to my bachelor degree. With the relaunch of Candid That I am literally bursting over with ideas everyday and decided to get myself a new haircut just to make a statement of a new era.

Moments like these help me appreciate the beauty of travel. I came here all alone with nothing but a suitcase filled with random clutter. From the moment I left the airport my new life forced me to adapt to a new culture and let go of all that was familiar to me back home. I have traveled as a student on a minimal next to non-existent budget and considered my first-time traveling with friends one of the highlights of my life. We stayed at hostels around Australia, woke up at 5 to see the sunrise everyday and went on the greatest roadtrip together. As bloggers, Tsutsumi and I get to experience luxury travel. It is a beautiful and truly amazing experience with fancy dining, villas, spa treatments and what not; but for us the adventure has always been the most important aspect of every destination we visit – not necessarily how big the breakfast spread is. I’m so glad I have experienced both the backpacker lifestyle and luxury travel, cause it made me realize that who you travel with is as important as the destination, if not more.

The next month will be spent on exam preparations, but I will also take the time to go to the beach and brunch a whole lot with effortless conversations. I don’t want to wait for better days ahead, but rather live in the present and enjoy this amazing city I call home.

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