Insta-blogger Gypsea Lust’s Copycat


“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” – Gypsea Lust 

Lauren Bullen is the founder behind Gypsea Lust – who’s living consist of traveling around the globe creating unique imagery together with partner Jack Morris (@doyoutravel) With a following of more than 700k her success is phenomenal, hence why we all understand that people feel inspired, or even compelled to recreate her success. Miss Diana Alexa is the user that have gone to great lengths when claiming to be inspired by Lauren. We are talking about the full-on package: positions, clothes, captions, angles and even dressing up a partner to resemble the same couple. See screenshots taken by Lauren herself below:

ex18ex7-1 ex4 ex10 ex11

When confronted, Lauren received a feedback from Diana herself justifying her actions; “I think she missed the point that no one has copied down to this extreme before. It’s just next level. She said; why do you care I only have 1000 followers I should be going after the accounts with 500K following, but that’s not at all the point, it’s not about how many followers anyone has – you are copying and stealing someone’s art to a ridiculously creepy level.”


Since this experience became known world-wide, Diana has set her profile private. Lauren has briefly taken a stand against harassing of others, and acknowledged that everyone makes mistakes. Hopefully, this incident have highlighted the importance of intellectual property and respect of others creative art.

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  • Hun jenta er besatt! Det er der ikke normalt, en ting er så være fan og være inspirert av en person. Det hun jenta har gjort er skummelt!! Håper ingen gjør det mot meg.

  • hey you guys, i think it is really cool that you mentioned this and talked about it! i totally share your opinion. hope you guys are doing well <3