When Sisters Compete In The Same Industry

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It’s very easy for someone to assume that when you and your sibling work in the same industry – a rivalry or jealousy between the two is inevitable. There’s been times when people have asked us uncomfortable questions, compared and picked our looks apart – who’s better, what’s greater and what the other lack. On a bad day, it can tear us down but we have never let the comments pull through simply because there’s no reason to be competitive. This doesn’t only apply to siblings, but also our friends, women and the millennial generation.

We are sisters, best friends & business partners. Despite living on two different continents we congratulate and cheer each other up every day. As a sister, I constantly sit back with pride and joy over Tsutsumi’s accomplishments, and as her business partner I know that this is only the beginning of what we can achieve together. We are each other’s biggest supporters and complete one another on so many levels. With that being said, we have our own interests and aspirations. CANDIDthat is our main platform, along with individual projects on the side as well. Just because one of us lands a project doesn’t mean that the other is left behind, it’s about cheering each other the entire way to their best potential.


Together with our relaunch from Giggles & Dimples to CANDIDthat, a new era of empowerment between millennials – we are nominated for 3 Vixen Blog Awards! Thank you so much for voting us through ♥ This year has been about rebranding our online platform, global collaborations, attending fashion weeks and traveling the world. We’ve focused on inspiring our generation to break out of their comfort zone and embark on their own career aspirations.

CANDIDthat is nominated as BLOG OF THE YEAR, FASHION BLOG OF THE YEAR and THIS YEAR SHOOTING STAR. We are crossing our fingers and hope to have your vote all the way to the finals. It would truly mean the world to us!

Our thoughts on the nominations:

BLOG OF THE YEAR: It’s an incredible honor to be nominated alongside the biggest and most acknowledged blogs of Norway. Some fight for the fur industry, veganism, anti-bullying or equal pay rights; We choose to focus on the millennial. Our platform is a voice to everyone out there who dreams to take their careers to new heights and through Candid That – I can & I did column – We want to inspire and lift up likeminded people by sharing CANDIDthat’s journey. Through our platform we aim to contribute to a generation where people thrive on accomplishments – not rivalry.

FASHION BLOG OF THE YEAR: 2016 has been all about finding ourselves and like you know, realising stuff. *quoting Kylie* haha, just kidding. But really though, ever since our separation from one another we have found our own style and interests. Had it not been for Tsutsumi and I living in each part of the world, our style would be uncertain, based on each other, and the minimal Scandinavian style that we felt trapped in. However, we have traveled the world and seen how fashion change from city to city. We plan our outfits according to the culture and energy of each country and match our outfits to complete a look. We feel that 2016 has not only made our style more independent, but also changed what we think of fashion. Now we have also added our hearts on ethical consumerism, and look forward to support a more sustainable everyday fashion. Preloved is cool!

THIS YEAR SHOOTING STAR: What makes us different is that we have high ambitions and aim for a global audience. We look back at a year filled with projects and collaborations happening in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. When we started three years ago, none of us would have known that a girl – my sister – from Norway would be the Nordic representative of a worldwide campaign for L’Oréal Paris. That’s right, Tsutsumi Hoang is one of the key influencers representing L’Oréal Paris newest product: COLORISTA. We went from a blog about two sisters to a platform that is not about us but the readers. As we mature the message is more than just curating daily ootd content, but to create value and a story worth sharing.

If you think Candid That deserves to win please vote for us! HERE. HERE. & HERE.

All love, Alexandra & Tsutsumi.

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