Alexandra and I have long had the wish to arrange a soft launch for Candid That, however we wanted the celebration to happen when both of us would be present. Luckily, Alex came home for the holidays in the midst of the Christmas festivities, so it fitted perfectly to have a holiday feast with our candid ladies and closest friends. In collaboration with ASIA, we managed to create a magical night filled with good atmosphere and delicious food!

We’ve dined at ASIA several times before and there was no doubt that we would spend our evening there again. We got seated all by ourselves on the second floor with a stunning view over the bay. Here you will experience outstanding dishes from different countries throughout Asia. The dishes are exotic, colourful, and just what one would expect from an Asian kitchen. Highly recommended!


As seen on Alexandra: Body suit NELLY Accessories THOMAS SABO Choker MISSGUIDED Watch ABBOTT & MOSLEY
As seen on Tsutsumi: Dress MISSGUIDED Accessories THOMAS SABO Choker GLITTER
We decorated the table with illustrations and confetti needed to enlighten the evening. It’s the small details that matter.
Bon appétit & cheers!


Get to know the ladies: Ellen, Elizabeth, Camila, Estefan, Elsa & Nina <3
We look forward to a new year filled with adventures &  love!
Best wishes,  Alexandra & Tsutsumi Hoang.
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  • Came across your youtube and social media and love it so far. Girls are just so gorgeous! Love the outffits, hair and makeup! Love the camera quality btw. If you don’t mind me asking, but whats the camera you guys are using?

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