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Lately, social media has been booming over Donald Trump’s presidency and the Women’s March worldwide. While a lot of people questions his actions, there’s particularly one person that has stood out from the crowd and caught our candid eye. Ivanka Trump is one remarkable woman that has set the standard for the working woman. She is an entrepreneur, wife and mother of three. Now that she and her family have moved to The White House Ivanka has made it her passion “to be in the field for female entrepreneurs (..) unleashing the potential of women in the workplace”. It’s amazing and a milestone for women in 2017 where equal pay is still hard to come by.

In collaboration with Bianco, we have been given the opportunity to share the brand’s message towards a new focus: “EQUAL PAY IS NOT ENOUGH” Think about it. It’s so much more expensive to be a woman than it is being a man. Just compare a woman’s bathroom to the man, you will be amazed at the nine-step skincare routine and an endless pile of beauty products compared to the one body lotion and tooth brush by the man’s sink.

In this modern world women are, unfortunately, still paid less than men. Although most people would agree that it is not acceptable, this matter is still swiped under the rug. So the question is; why should we fight for equal pay, when we can fight to get higher pay than men? Bianco wants to bring something new to the table and the solution is; using shoes as weapons under the slogans Equal Pay is not Enough and #WomanNeedMore.


“If someone is provoked by the film, we can only say that we do not find it half as provocative as reality, where equal pay is still not a reality,” says Tatiana Christensen – the campaign manager of Bianco. “We hope that people will see the movie and relate to it. Hopefully smile a little bit of the whole debate and push things to extremes with the message Equal Pay Is Not Enough. “


CANDID THAT believe it’s important to bring up crucial issues that are still ongoing in our society today. We believe in Bianco’s vision and support their mission in creating a better world for women.



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