Candid Cruise: A Kiel Getaway

In the midst of the winter cold, Candid That arranged our very own Candid Cruise to Kiel together with our girl gang. So many fun memories was made! We played a card game called Ligretto and it turned out to be one of the highlights of this trip. The game is super simple, but you can not imagine how frustrating it is at the same time. The point of the game is basically to get of all the cards you are holding as soon as possible ranged in batches of 10 and color. It’s sort of like UNO, if anyone heard of it? We became so addicted and played for hours. (Yours truly won every single time) We also went to the spa where we tried out a lame jacuzzi, dyed our hairs using Colorista in the steam baths and had quick 20 minute naps on the massage chairs. Life was wonderful.

Hope you enjoy our video recap of it! Please follow our channel CANDID THAT as we publish new content every Sunday!

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