TSUMI-BLUE– The Blue Lagoon –

Got a little adventurous the other day and decided to kick off the year with something bold but non committing. I asked myself: “Hey, how about putting your hair through yet another journey?” One hour later, I was in front of the mirror with my hands covered in blue hair dye. It looked like I’d just killed the Cookie Monster and was in the midst of a crime scene.

For this look I used the L’Oréal Colorista Washout in the colour blue. It is a gorgeous cold shade of blue that fades gradually over 1-2 weeks. Since I’ve already bleached hair, the cold pigments stayed on for longer than expected. Just a little heads up for the girls with lighter hair. After a week’s time you will experience a gradually fade out from blue to green. I found it odd at first, but after a while I liked the grungy look that it gave to my character. And hey, who doesn’t like a product that gives you two colours in one single bottle? If you are a non-committed type but likes to play with fearless colours then I definitely think you should give this product a try! #DoItYourWay


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