ISELIN-2For many millennials working at a corporation as big as L’Oréal – the dream. The company is not only innovative and ambitious, but they also have a clear vision when it comes to “Sharing Beauty With All”. The company trust their employees to represent them well and is a place where skills and talents can be challenged and developed. Earlier this week, Candid That came in touch with Iselin Heffermehl, a leader and career woman at L’Oréal Paris Norway. Iselin told us how she got the position at L’Oréal as well as her thoughts on how you can stand out.

Who is Iselin Heffermehl?

She’s humble, sweet and genuine. She’s also a Category Leader at L’Oréal and an inspiration to young aspiring leaders. While getting her bachelor and master degree at Copenhagen Business School, Iselin took an exchange year abroad at a university in the United States. After this she went on to study at London College of Fashion and it was during her studies that Iselin started her career as a Product Manager. One of her responsibilities as a leader is to hire and train new talents. Iselin therefore knows a thing or two on what to look for when in search for a new team member.

How did she land a leader position at L’Oréal Paris?

Individuals who apply and get hired to L’Oréal usually have a business degree, and a majority have also studied abroad. Similar to them, Iselin also have a business degree and studied in Denmark, The United States, France and The United Kingdom. But, what ultimately landed her the position was an art class she did in London. In a sea of business degrees she stood out with an interest for creative art. In addition to that, Iselin also have an entrepreneurial mindset – an essential skill L’Oréal search for in a leader. Iselin’s commitment to finish her degree after getting an offer also makes her an inspiration too many. Being determined to finish what you started is a trait that will make you stand out during an application process.

Here are Iselin’s tips on how to get hired at L’Oréal Paris:

1.       Follow your passion – with commitment. With passion comes motivation, energy and creativity, which are all essential elements to succeed. However, you won’t achieve success without failing on the way, you need to be devoted to get through both ups and downs.

2.       Say yes to opportunities that comes along your way!  All experience is valuable, even if it’s not directly relevant for the job you are dreaming of.

3.       Be yourselves and be humble. A company needs all kinds of profiles and personalities. Be the best version of yourself.

I Can & I Did,

Iselin Heffermehl

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