Cheers for the weekend! When in search for the perfect dining place with your friends, Candid Cuisine got you covered. We have visited ASIA Restaurant several times for lunch and dinner and keep coming back for more. The restaurant is Oslo based located in urban and trendy area Aker Brygge. A perfect location for dining with stunning views. The restaurant has two floors whereas the upper level is only open during the weekends. If you get seated by the windows you’ll look straight at the beautiful views of Oslofjorden.

– Rice and Shine –

The restaurant itself has a very lounge bar type of feel when you first enter its doors. On the walls you will see artistic pieces. One specific piece is a wooden wall placed straight above where the chefs cook the dishes. Not only is it a window so you can look straight into the kitchen, the wall have 40 knives “thrown” into it.


Inspired by the way asians eat their food, ASIA has created a menu called “Food Flirt Sharing Platter”. It is not a big main course, but rather small dishes served in small quantities. That way we got to share and try each other dishes and allow ourself for a variated meal with lots of exotic flavours. Of course, it’s menu are adjusted to fit the Scandinavian taste buds, but it still has that unique taste that makes us go back for more – again and again.

The dishes draws inspiration from cultures such as Vietnamese and Thai cuisine and have unique cocktails named “Lady Boi” and other quirky names. Go here for some insta-worthy shots of the pulled pork bao buns and delicious fries.



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