How does your morning routine look like?

Almost one year ago I sat right here – 52 floors high in Andaz Tokyo Hotel and enjoyed my morning coffee while glazing over Tokyo bay. The day started with a delicious breakfast buffet and a dip in the pool. Just finished with my makeup and dressed in my bathrobe we were soon off to Kyoto. Our morning was so perfect it didn’t matter that we sat on the bullet train one hour too long and ended up all the way in Osaka. Japan was a dream come true and the trip was nothing but fantastic. Today I’m working from home in my boyfriend’s apartment in Oslo, Norway. Norwegian weather is so beautiful. Fresh air, light snow and soothing sun light. Although I’m not in Japan nor Australia at the moment – I don’t want to spend my morning anywhere, but right here in this very apartment in Norway. It amaze me how much I travelled in the first quarter of 2016, but now that I’m home in Norway for 2017 I haven’t really explored as much as I used to. Guess there’s no place like home?

Here are some of my personal tips on how you can wake up happier while getting ready to be the career girl you are.

  1. Before I go to bed I always make sure to leave the phone on charge. Always outside the bedroom. This is because I think the bedroom is a sacred place for sleep and cuddles. The glowing light from a device always keeps me up for several hours when all I need is a night of peaceful sleep. I’ve had so many night where both my phone and laptop went to bed with me, but that has never helped my sleep and always made me morning start in a rather stressful way.
  2. The night before I cleanse my face and apply a sleeping mask from either Sephora or korean Kicho Camellia Sleeping mask. I leave it to absorb into my skin overnight and wake up with a glowing look that is smooth and uplifting. I have been using the Kicho sleeping mask for more than three months and it really does wonders for my beauty routine.

3. Listening to music when answering work related emails. It makes me so happy to dance around the living room with natural lights streaming into the living room. Pair that together with soothing music and I know that it’s a new day filled with opportunities. I love answering work mails, collaboration requests and readers comments. It’s a boost to my happiness.

4. Drink a glass of water filled with ZeroOH! I always kick-start my morning with a trip to the fridge and grab a fresh bottle of icy water, pour it into my glass and add ZeroOH! sweetener. After a night of many hours of sleep my body is dehydrated, so boosting the mood with a sweet treat is essential for me.

How does your morning routine looks like? 

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