I have always been a shy girl. Wasn’t really the type to talk much. Never the girl who raised her hand in class. I’m an introvert that had all these ideas and dreams, but was too afraid to chase them because I was trapped in my bubble of comfort. However, one day I asked myself: “Do you want to live in a trapped cage or step out and see the world around you?”

The first change I did was to dye my hair blonde, which also happened to be in the ombré-era. I got a huge following on Instagram, which basically was the start of my career. Changing a hairstyle is just another way of expressing yourself. But the outcome I loved the most about my decision was the fact that my hair did the talking. It was a shield that not only protected me from my shyness, but also something that drew the attention away from me as a person and on my hair instead. It became a helping hand in starting conversations that I otherwise wouldn’t have started. Along the way my hair helped me get out of my comfort zone making it one of my proudest decisions.



In little Oslo, there is a certain style that most people seem to follow. I felt like I had to fit a certain standard in order to be part of the community. At first, that was exactly what I did, blend in with the «identicals». Was it the right thing to do? No. Did I feel like me? No. Did I do something about it? Yes.

I decided that I wanted to stand out for once. I visualised the person I wanted to be. Do I want to blend in and follow the pattern that most people were following, or do I want to stand out and create my own personal style? I started experimenting with different styles, and one of the changes that I did was to dye my hair in a bold and daring colour. Silver grey. At that time I was afraid of change, even my hairdresser was frighten to make such a big commitment on me. However, i thought to myself, the only way to conquer my fears is to face it. «Go for it», was my last words, and the same night my partner and I won an award for Newcomer of The Year and I started a new chapter in my life.



In 2015, Alexandra moved to the land down under, and I felt like a piece of me moved away with her. She was my other half; from sharing beds when we were little, to working together in the creative field, we were always a team. So when she moved away, I began to doubt myself, and question everything I knew. Were my interest and opinion really mine? What about my thoughts, were they actually hers? Do I even know myself as good as I thought I did? The beginning was such a hard time for me, the burden of finding out who I really am was heavy on my shoulders, and so I did what most girls would do; I cut it off. I paid my hairdresser a visit and made her cut my hair. The weight was cut off with the length of my hair and I walked out with a feeling of relief, just as realization fell upon me. I was going to be fine on my own and it would all be okay.



Now, I’m growing my hair out again. And by the time my hair grows long, I would want to have accomplished at least one goal. Whether it’s on a personal level, like becoming a better version of myself or meeting someone new that would have an impact in my life, or on a professional level, like taking a step further with our blog carrier, landing a dream job or just do fun projects.

Personally, I feel having long hair adds such a strong feature to your character, and the journey to having long locks could be harder than you’d think. I’ve always associated having long hair with independency and fierceness, but it takes discipline and routine-work to be able to grow healthy hair. My hair has gone through a lot and growing it out would be quite the challenge, and because of that, I feel like being able to nourish it back to the longer lengths would be such an accomplishment. It’s a long stretch, but I feel like if I can get over that obstacle, then I would be able to handle other situations better in life.

IMG_4725 IMG_4738 FullSizeRender 3with love,


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