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January 19th was the day Tsutsumi and I checked into Grand Hotel Oslo to come celebrate all bloggers in the annual Vixen Blog Awards. It started with breakfast and facial massage at Artesia Spa together with a snippet of the finalists. Later in the evening Candid That was invited to LEE’s pre-party where we met finalists, fashion personalities and other people from the entertainment industry. It didn’t take long before we went onto the red carpet to get our pictures taken and the show started.

I still remember the very first time we attended Vixen Blog Awards and didn’t know anyone. We were so excited and spent days visiting all stores to find the perfect outfit. We even got our cousin to drive us to the location in order to get there in style, haha. Five years later we’ve been nominated several times and even won our very own award. It used to be so surreal. This year’s blog awards was nothing but heartwarming and fun. The event was planned to perfection, great entertainment, well deserving winners and beautiful speeches on stage. I will most likely not experience this for the next two years as I’ll be in Australia, but boy was it good to see everyone again!

Matchy-match: Black glittery nailpolish from ESSIE

As our outfits were rather simple we styled it with lots of accessories. We also bleached and dyed our hair at Hairdo Hairsalon for the occasion. We predict grey to be the popular colour this year.

Alexandra’s outfit:

Earrings Thomas Sabo Choker Missguided Jumpsuit LPA Revolve Bag Chanel 

Tsutsumi’s outfit:

Earrings H&M Jacket Revolve Top ZARA Flared Pants LPA Revolve Bag Chanel 

We decided to try out Facebook live for the very first time during the awards and shared footage while we got ready for the big night. It was strange, but I think we will continue to share live streams. Make sure to follow our facebook page if you want to follow our adventures!

Tsutsumi had the longest flared pants and I stepped on it multiple times the entire night. Almost got dragged by the hair for it, but since my hair is bleached (it would have made me go bald) so Tsutsumi spared me, haha.

CC Cream: Camila Torres & Chioma Anugweje

Although we didn’t win we truly think it’s an honor to be nominated. Thank you, Vixen Magazine and our readers for believing in us. Thank you! ♥

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