The long awaited day is here: Candid That are preparing ourselves for a month packed with travels! The first two months of 2017 we made our way to Germany, Sweden, Denmark and France – and today we kick off March with three days in Paris for fashion week. Do you want to know what my next destinations are? Typically, Tsutsumi and I use #SistersInASuitcase or #CandidTravels for the trips we do together, but whenever I travel on my own I use #JetlagAlex.


Tsutsumi and I have both been in Copenhagen before and absolutely love the beautiful city. The hidden lanes, small boutiques and friendly people has made itself Tsutsumi’s favorite city to visit. I am soon traveling back to Sydney, so our family booked in Copenhagen for some quality time together. Since we have been there before we plan on taking our family to iconic sightseeings such as the colourful houses at Nyhavn and strolls around the Copenhagen Tivoli.


My boyfriend and I booked in a weekend trip to Helsinki as a final goodbye before I board my flight back to Sydney. *sobs* Being in a long distance relationship is so hard, but we make it work. We have been a couple for 3 years now and half of it have been spent on each end of the world. As cliche as it may sound – I am the happiest when I am with him. The agenda is yet to be planned, so if you have some recommendations for us please give me a heads-up! We are staying at the Hilton Strand Hotel and plan on doing a lot of sightseeing, visit the markets and eat a whole lot.


..and just like that – my summer vacation in Norway is over and I’m back for another semester in sunny Sydney. I can’t wait to visit my favourite cafe for a perfect scoop of gelato ice-cream and walk around in nothing but a bikini at Bondi beach. In Sydney I feel so independent and motivated to achieve my goals. I am constantly influenced by people who have the same mindset as I and that is something I look forward to come back to. Before I went back to Norway back in late November I ended my lease on campus, so I also happen to be without an apartment as per today. Fingers crossed that will get sorted quickly so I can get back to my studies!


Tsutsumi will be traveling to Paris once again just days after my departure to Sydney. This time she is there to work together with House Of Lashes on a campaign that will be distributed online in stores at Sephora (!!) and online. We are talking about four days with twelve hour work days. I was also asked to be part of this campaign, but have accepted the fact that university is way too important and I need to prioritise it more if I want to progress in life. I have also concluded that the future is going to be about building Candid That, but also Tsutsumi Hoang as a brand. Tsutsumi has so much potential to do it big internationally and I’m so excited to help and cheer her up on the way.

One of my new year resolutions for 2017 is to travel all the continents of the world. Are you also smitten by the travel bug?

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