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In collaboration with Marks & Spencer I have styled my own outfit from the new Everywear collection. I have known the brand for a long while and they are my go to when shopping for the classic wardrobe. The pieces are minimalistic and modern and is focused on quality and functionality. Often, I am on the go traveling from place to place while living from my suitcase. Therefore, it is essential for me to carry items that are versatile and great for everyday attire. It is important for me to own pieces of soft fabrics, but are also strong in material – with little to no need for ironing.


In my wardrobe you will find all types of blouses. Floral, silhouettes, silk and ruffles. They are different yet my main key pieces as they work all day every day, for all seasons. I fell in love with this loose fitted blouse with bell sleeves. It is so simple, yet elegant.

I styled it with denim pants for a casual look with a twist. As pictured you can see small elements such as the floral details. In the back of the bum there was also additional florals which really accentuated my non-existent curves. If you follow me on snapchat you probably saw a little quirky demonstration! The hints of navy in the front rose was complimented by the navy raincoat. The versatile jacket comes with a hidden pocket for the hood.  A great fit to the moody rain days in Sydney.


You can find the entire outfit on Marks & Spencer’s online shop. I love the flexibility to pay with Paypal and fast delivery. It took three days from the moment I ordered for the package to arrive from United Kingdom to Sydney. Talk about efficiency! I love that the parcel is sent in a black shopping bag with handles. I remember my last parcel came with clothing hangers and thought that it was so cool that a company paid so much attention to the small details!

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