As an international student by day and fashion blogger at night, I have always wished to learn and be part of the entrepreneurial scene. My first internship was at Bountye; a market selling start-up focused on preloved goods. As the company’s new Social Media Manager I was mainly in charge for updating all the social channels, but I also got delegated different tasks. One day I could be sending out emails to charities and media. Other days I was researching and kept myself updated on ethical e-commerce, hands-on styling secondhand clothes and editor of all footage. I did not have someone looking over my shoulder, I simply had to take all responsibility. I felt like working for Bountye would be an easy match since I had previous experience with selling clothes on secondhand, but little did I know I was about to be challenged.

Bountye was founded and launched in 2015 by, Asim Brown, a former senior manager of eBay Australia. He was my mentor and always just a couple of desks away when I needed a go-to person for advice. I also met other people of the team and got to hang out with a lot of cool personalities. It was a great learning experience for me who had the privilege to report direct to the founder, listen and be part of an entrepreneur’s mind.


Although the company is for profit, their vision differentiates them from other market-selling apps. Through the simple concept of reuse and resell, Bountye work with several charities that contributes to a more sustainable community. It is so easy to get caught up in the shopping trends. Sometimes you forget what is important in life; how to be more sustainable so we can secure mother earth, be conscious to our shopping behaviours and the importance of staying ethical. I am certainly no guru in this. Trust me when I tell you that I had to sit down with the founder several times in order for him to really manage to change my mindset. It was a long process, but I am glad I went from being so confused to a more wiser person.


I came to Bountye as a vain fashion blogger interested in the success stories of a start-up. Three months later, I left with a complete new mindset, learned a whole lot, relaunched our entire blog and used the voice I had for more than just how my outfit of the day looks. (Not that a good old #OOTD is not important as it is practically part of our job. I also genuinely think we need to have a good balance of being inspirational and informative.) Before Bountye, I was focused on how to build my own personal brand. After Bountye, we realised that we no longer wanted our platform to be about us, but about what we can do to inspire you as a reader. I will never forget my first internship, it was an experience that prepared me for new challenges!


The resell apps to look out for:


Started in 2014 by two university students from Norway. A marketplace with focus on reselling and reuse of mainly fashion clothing. The start-up has a core team that have made an innovative cool app that appeals to a young audience.

Tsutsumi and I have used TISE for months. We absolutely love the creative filters and its similar functionality to Instagram. I can still remember during the hectic Christmas period; we were selling so much that we met up with 12 girls at the same time, several days in a row. The only topic at blogger events was about the amazing reuse app. We also teamed up with TISE on a successful pop-up shop as well. A very good and genuine match in other words!

TISE also have their own “Shop Stop” calculator. Basically, you give yourself a specific period where you have a shopping stop. Everyday the wheel will let you know how much money you saved and prevent on greenhouse gases. For instance, my shop stop has lasted for 16 days; I have saved $533, 8 thousand litres of water, 16kg co2 and 2kg chemicals. Knowing that something so small as a shopping stop can have such a positive contribution makes me want to continue.

Download Tise App



Started in 2012 by three friends from Singapore. In just a matter of years it is now operating in countries like United States and Australia. On carousell you can sell and buy items and upload something within seconds. You can find everything from tech gadgets, furnitures, clothes and even property. I find the app amazing and love that users are able to give each other genuine recommendations. It motivates me to keep listing items when I get fast replies, happy customers and feel I am a part of a community.

After almost one year of using the app, I also had the opportunity to work with Carousell. It is awesome when you get to work with a company you like and share the same vision with. Back then, I decided to give the app a go because I liked that they were a start-up company. Funny how it is now one of my go-to apps!

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