Just a couple months before I was heading home for Christmas I started to organise and pack out of my apartment. I moved to Sydney with one suitcase and was about to drag with me eight plus overweight baggages. Not a chance. I decided to hire a stall at an outdoor market and sell all the accumulated items I no longer needed. To no surprise, 95% of it was of no value for me. All these items could have vanished tomorrow and I would neither miss nor remember any of it. I looked at my overfilled closet and thought to myself; The entirety of the seasonal stuff right in front of me could actually be one timeless piece. Trends comes and go, styles change, but some things add value. In that moment, I decided to save for a Chanel Classic as a Christmas present from me to me.

Chanel-Bag-Comparison-Forever21Illustration by Kelsey Scherer for Racked

Investing in a piece that lasts for a lifetime is not a waste of money nor is it as unnecessary as one might think. Growing up, quantity was great in terms of variety and keeping up with trends. I experimented with different outfits and had plenty of time to find out what my style was. Our wardrobes used to overflow with stuff and despite for that we had nothing to wear. It was fun, but also unethical and a bit of a waste. A cheap bag last for a few months and then it is a never-ending cycle of getting a new replacement again and again. Personally, I wanted to stop accumulating and minimise contribution to the fast fashion industry. I want to participate more in an ethical secondhand environment. My rule is to sell what I do not need before I go out of my way to purchase a new piece.

With the Chanel prices rising, it was a perfect time for me to invest in a bag when I had the funds to do so. The Chanel Classic has always been a wish of mine, so I knew I did not want my first buy to be of a different brand or design. My Medium Classic Double Flap was bought in London’s flagship store for 4000 GBP, while Tsutsumi got her Chanel Boy in Paris. That is equivalent to 200 cheap handbags at an average price of $20. $4000 in one go is really only a matter of your financial state at the time. As referenced to another article, if you use your Chanel Bag five days a week for a year, the cost per wear will be approximately $25. The difference is that you can use your bag for years, it has resell value and a simple math equation only emphasise that.


Quality Over Quantity.. or?

Sometimes I do think to myself, maybe it was too early? Maybe a first-time luxury bag should have been more affordable? Maybe I should have saved the quota for a house later down the track? But then I would have continued to support the fast consumer industry with 50 new polyester bags which has no value for me. A single perfectly handcrafted bag will always be a greater investment than a dozen bags with flaws. Because of that, I am fine using my Chanel bag for years to come without feeling the need to change.

It all comes down to one’s value.  In 2016, I was all about finding happiness and joy through traveling the world. I was on a mission to save as much as possible, found new ways of making an income and had so much joy browsing the travel agencies for the greatest deals. People wanted bags, I wanted adventures. We all have different priorities, but what gives you the most pleasure is the one worth buying.


CandidThat.com started as a budget-friendly platform founded by two sisters who loved styling pieces from fast fashion retail chains. It took us a couple years to evolve into a new mindset. But until this day, we still believe that you can buy fashion, but you can not buy style. If you are a student in a part-time job your priorities will differ from a young professional. It all depends on your personal lifestyle. With that being said, no ones closet should only be of pricey quality items, you should have a good mix of both. That is what a true fashionista is!

How many items do you have in your overflowing closet that you have no use for?

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