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Us women are beautiful when we encourage each other, laugh together and see the beautiful things in life. So often we are our greatest self-critic and focus on the flaws. It might be effortless for some people to love themselves, but difficult for others to be accepting of their own personal characteristics. We all have our own insecurities to grow out of, but until then what we have is each other.

Max Factor has newly launched a beautiful and important campaign called #MyFactor. The campaign is a celebration of each woman’s unique beauty. It is great that a brand chooses to remind us to love ourselves and to not be afraid to share it. #MyFactor focus on how we can enhance our natural features rather than hiding it away. With the help of make-up you can gain confidence in your own self. However, it does not necessarily have to be only your outer appearance. What makes you, you? It can be your freckles, your brows and your smile. But, it can also be your inner strength, your humour and your laugh. The campaign wants you to put the focus on your unique characteristics that makes you feel good about yourself.





#Myfactor is my optimism to life. I believe that having a positive attitude is a game changer. I always look at the bright side of life and turn my problems into opportunities. Whenever I fall down I always bounce back up a little bit wiser. Being confident about the future makes me glow everyday.



We are all unique. Tsutsumi’s #MyFactor is her freckles and dimples. The sun rays makes the freckles stand out even more during the summer. She was born with dimples on each cheek and it is one of her most beautiful assets. Not only does it look adorable, it also has a youthful cheekiness to it. The little details and traits you see on yourself makes your character stand out. What makes you different from everybody else is a charm and is something personal only YOU have.




Share a picture with the hashtag and lets all encourage each other to love ourselves for what we have. We look forward to see what makes you, you.


A bouquet of Scandinavia’s finest women have joined forces to make an epic movement for beauty and empowerment. Check out the campaign video and let us know what you think!

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  • Skjønner ikke helt vitsen med at tsusumis myfactor er fregner, men på bildene har hun dekket de med sminke. 🤔

    • Hei Nina,

      På bildene som er lagt ut har jeg både sminke og solskinn på ansiktet. Da min factor er både fregner og smilehull, valgte jeg en look som viste fram smilehullene litt ekstra. I virkeligheten ser man derimot fregnene mine ganske klart da de kommer ekstra godt frem når det er sommer!

      Hvis du så min snapchat story der jeg også snakket om My Factor kampanjen, så ser man veldig tydelig fregnene jeg har på nese og kinn 🙂 Ønsker deg en fin uke videre xx

  • Nei, fikk ikke med meg det. Stemmer. For all del, fine bilder som ble lagt ut. Syns bare det ikke helt hang sammen da det var så mye snakk om å ’embrace it’. Så er det lagt ut 5 bilder hvor ikke en liten fregne er å se og bare et med smilehull 🤔
    Men bare en liten ytring fra min side. 😅 Liker ellers bloggen deres veldig godt ✌🏽