Another week has come to an end we are spending the day preparing for the next. This week has been nothing but a big splurge of happiness. My bank successfully claimed the entire transaction back from the National Bank of Greece, just before the sleazy scammers managed to get a hold of it. It is not often that a rental scam gets a happy ending, so I feel beyond lucky who got the help and support. It feels great that I got to share the happening with you and also got another chance to spend my income more wisely. Other than that, Tsutsumi and I had a successful pop-up shop together with TISE. Personally, I love decluttering and being able to put focus on reuse in a world where mass consumerism is a reality. A couple of work collaborations was also settled this week, so life is smiling nice and bright!

A lot of friends and acquaints have reached out regarding where I am staying at the moment. So many thought I was homeless, even I started to believe it myself, haha! I am currently short-term leasing a beautiful apartment in the CBD. With my own private bedroom en-suite I have perfect views from level 28th in a high-rise building. It is different from where I lived the last 1.5 years in Sydney on campus, not that it was not good, but the difference is major. Here I have big windows, high ceiling, lots of privacy whenever needed and magical views. During the sunsets I am glued to the balcony with soothing tracks from my Spotify playlist.

Today, I have made a couple of inquiries on rental apartments. I look forward for yet another week filled with inspections in search for the perfect place for Tsutsumi and I. I miss my sister a lot, and can not wait to show here everything Sydney has to offer! Enjoy your lovely Sunday ♥

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