Welcome to our neighbourhood! We have finally moved to our new home in Central Park. Today, we decided to check out the gym and the resident’s pool. How magnificent isn’t this? *push me so I know it’s real* The gym and pool is located in the main Central Park building and is included in the monthly rent. We live in the Mark tower building so our rooftop has a jacuzzi and BBQ area. What is even more of a luxury is the convenience of the university being across the street. Our days usually start with waking up to natural sunlight preparing ourselves for a gym session. Then we are off to my university, where I sit for my classes while Tsutsumi use the space as her blog office. Before we head back home we shop for groceries at the shopping mall just across the street. It is indeed a luxury to have all these facilities available whenever we want to use it.

We can not wait to show you how we decorated our place once it is finished. The apartment is so beautiful with light timber floors, spacious balcony, a modern kitchen and is perfect for two. We have soon lived here for almost a week, but have only the bed as furniture with zero wi-fi access. I do not even want to look at the phone bill as we have been dragging the 3G for all it is worth. *sighs* We dine on the floor and have all our shoes and purses out in the balcony. However, we get to see the sunset every evening and if that is not happiness I do not know what is.



sydney-australia-lifestyle– PUSH ME SO I KNOW IT’S REAL –

The pool is the perfect place for a little getaway.


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