※  O N E   Y E A R   W I S E R  ※

June 1st marks the first day of winter in Australia and summer in Norway. It is also my 23rd birthday and I’m very excited for another year in my twenties. What a great feeling! As we just came back from a trip to North Queensland the day prior, I didn’t really had much on the agenda. I’m not really the person who treats celebrations as a big deal. I’m very low-key and much rather go out and dine instead of throwing a massive party. However, when we arrived back in Sydney I decided to spontaneously ask my friends to join me for breakfast at my favourite brunch place. Not only did I receive flower bouquets from my friends Nisheli and Sha May, but my mate Luke decided to treat the entire table in honour of my birthday. How sweet?

After a quick finance class at the university we also booked tickets to see Wonder Woman. It was by far one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I felt confident, empowered and utterly amazed by the Wonder Woman kick-ass character. It was the perfect ending to my birthday and has certainly inspired me to be more optimistic and ambitious this year.

※ H A C I E N D A 

Before the movies, I also visited Hacienda for lunch. Hacienda Bar is inspired by the architecture of Cuba mixed with the luxurious modern vintage hotels of Miami. We had the most stunning views to the Sydney Harbour bridge and Circular Quay. A day with good friends, amazing food and a variety of cocktails, is always a day well spent.



※ WHERE? ※

HACIENDA SYDNEY. Level 3, 61 Macquarie Street
Sydney NSW 2000


Majorelle Berkshire Dress in white and baby blue version from Revolve


Missguided Nude Frilled Strappy Dress, short version and similar dress


Reunited with our girl, Melanie from The Tia Fox <3 Our friendship started on a recent trip to tropical Cairns. Mel is based in Melbourne, but traveled to Sydney for work so we met up! Hacienda just happened to be the perfect spot for our festivities.

Reading up on some literature in Hacienda’s quirky corner.


※  Y  U  M  –  T  I  M  E  ※

Our favorite dish was the Popcorn Chicken served with smoked chipoto-lime sauce. It was so delicious that we ended up ordering another one! Next on our list was the Shoe String Fries and Beef Kibe. The Beef Kibe was filled with guacamole and sour cream, in other words; the best combo.


※ C H E E R S   T O   T H E    W E E K E N D ※

The weekend is up, and so are we. We ended up ordering a couple fresh cocktails and fruity mocktails from the bar. The drinks menu draws inspiration from Cuban drinks and the lux-vintage hotels of Miami. A must-try is the Pina Princessa cocktail.


Oh, and a funny story; Because it was my birthday, Hacienda decided to make me a personalised dessert greeting. However, to our amusement – I couldn’t be more irrelevant on my own birthday. As we received the dessert my name was nowhere to be seen. I quote: “Happy Birthday from Tia Fox, Tatsumi and…. Al.” Not only did I receive a new nickname it was also smudged and covered with cheerios. The waitress said that it was a gift from Melanie and Tsutsumi hence why its their name on the platter and not mine? It was beyond hilarious and we had such a good laugh about it. Ah.. I keep thinking back on the awesome time we had here. Will have to come back ♥

The day was absolutely fantastic and we were blessed with lovely sunshine, blue skies and a warm cozy atmosphere. I’m beyond happy that I got to spend it with my sister as I feel at home whenever I’m with her. I am so grateful for the life I have and couldn’t ask for anything else. Lots of love from me to you!

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  • Happy birthday once again Alex! (Ps I have no idea how much I’ve actually wished you hehe)

    Based on your post, i know you had a blast on your birthday but nevertheless I still wish you the best year and cannot wait for the adventures that lies ahead of candid that.

    You always have my support.❤️

    P.S I’m sure you know but I am Siti Suziana from Youtube & so.suzyfunks from Instagram❤️

    • I’m not sure if you know but I am Siti Suziana from YouTube and so.suzyfunks from Instagram*

    • Thank you, Suzy! Yes, of course I know who you are – You greeted me on almost all my social medias which I am very grateful and happy for. I just dont know how you look like x Thank you so much for believing in us, that makes us very happy and thrive to do better. Enjoy your lovely weekend <3

  • Hi guys! firstly i’d like to say that i really love you guys and your fashion style is awesome! anyway, i’m just wondering may i know what camera and lenses do u guys use? Thanks! <3

    • Hi Regina, thank you so much! xx
      I am glad you like our content. All the photos in this post was actually taken with an iPhone 7 plus as we forgot our camera at home. The quality is so crisp and good, right? Almost all the photos we post on Instagram are taken with an iPhone and when we shoot for the blog it is captured with an Olympus Pen Pl-8. Lensen are 17mm, 25mm and 20mm. 🙂