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Keep your voice down, this is our quiet zone.

After a month of dining on the floor, lying on the floor and thinking on the floor – we have finally put together a cozy space in our apartment. It’s important to have an area where you can spend your Saturdays on wine and girls-talk or just unwind on a Sunday evening. Not to mention, a place where nap-time is considered an essential.

However, a warm and cozy ambiance doesn’t break through out of nowhere. It’s the interior that you decorate your home with that creates the feeling you call home. In collaboration with Hübsch Interior, we spiced up our minimalistic apartment with some playful cushions and striped rugs. It instantly gave character to our home and created a space we have been longing for the past few weeks. What we love about Hübsch is their eye for the little details and the high quality interior design. Everything from the cushions to the vases are of high quality. No doubt it will last you a lifetime if you take good care of it.

On a side note, stripes on interior has been trending lately. Hence why we are going crazy with the prints and patterns for our decoration. One of the great things about stripes is that they add a fresh element to a space. It’s so versatile, so you can decorate it anywhere with anything. On top of that, stripes are known to open up a room making it appear bigger than it is and we are all about that.



We love to fill the apartment with rough details, especially black and white, which is a great contrast to each other.


Where to go wild with stripes:

x Cushions       x Rugs

x Vases               x Dishes             x Lamps


We’ll share more of our home interior and the rest of the apartment once it’s done and decorated. You can look forward to it!

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