※  M Y    T R O P I C A L   W I L D F L O W E R  ※

I’ve been getting really into turquoise and blue tones lately. Maybe it’s the tropical weather in Cairns that’s making me go vibrant. Either way, I’m liking it.

This bold kimono from ZARA has been hanging in my closet for the longest time. I actually brought it all the way from Norway to Australia, only for it to live its life in yet another closet. (It’s winter in Australia, in case you didn’t know). However, a getaway trip to Cairns in tropical North Queensland gave me the perfect opportunity to dance around in my kimono for the first time. It’s very soft and light, making it perfect for the humid weather. To brighten up the outfit even more, I played around with some golden and silver accessories. The only thing that would complete this look would be a straw hat, but oh well, I can save that thought for another time.



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Kimono ZARA Bodysuit Tularosa (Revolve) Earrings Colette Hayman

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