Together with PANDORA, we got to take a trip down memory lane to reflect on how the essence of our friendship has helped shape Candid That. What has inspired us about each other? We are sisters who work and live together and have to constantly work on our relationship in order for it to be healthy and positive. There are times when we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and drive each other mad, but we could never be enemies for more than a couple of hours.



We occasionally dress and act alike, but both have different personalities that complement each other. Alexandra’s biggest strength has always been to manage partnerships and the professional side of the business, whilst Tsutsumi has been the creative who’s come up with new ideas for content production. The values that we share together inspire us every day to not only make the best content for you, but also grow our friendship. Just like any other friendships, PANDORA jewellery is made to last.

We are so fortunate to have each other, and it is always a positive reassurance to have someone by your side along for the ride. There are definitely not many out there who are able to work and live 24/7 with their best friend. We are professional when we have to, but also joke around and never take ourselves too seriously. We stick together like a pair of silver studs. Being best friends means that there will always be someone who knows you better than anyone else. That person will also allow you to do whatever you want in order to get that career going (and still loves you anyway!)


PANDORA’s Forever Friends collection is about celebrating friendships all over the world. Who makes you laugh till you cry? Who is there when you need it the most? Let your friendship beam through with the new Forever Friends jewellery collection. The charms are inspired by the special bond that friends share. Each piece is made from sterling silver and represent true friendships that last for a lifetime. PANDORA has taken the tradition of matching friendship accessories a step further with a new series of versatile bracelets.


CLASSIC STYLE – Infinity symbolises a relationship that is unbreakable and lasts forever. Made from sterling silver, the Infinite Love earring studs are a classic piece of jewellery. Pair the Infinite Love earrings together with matching Ribbons of Love studs to complete the sophisticated look.



TWO OF A KIND – What better way to celebrate friendship than with PANDORA’s Friend of My Heart hanging charm? The charm can be worn as a necklace or paired with a bracelet. It is subtle, classic and gives a fresh modern take on friendship jewellery.


THE NEW BFFS: PANDORA’s newest release for the Forever Friends collection are their new fabric cord bracelets. The bracelets come in pink, khaki and black and you can style with charms for a unique touch.

Check out PANDORA’s new Forever Friends collection here.

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