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SK-II, a Japanese skincare brand has launched the campaign “The Expiry Date” which is a wonderful reflection on the pressure women face. According to a study made by SK-II, there are only 2 out of 10 women in Asia who feel comfortable getting older. How can you enjoy getting older when there’s so many boxes that needs to be ticked for you to be accepted by your social circles? When are you going to get married? Where are your achievements? Why are you not successful? When will you have children?

How sad isn’t it that your happiness is in the hands of someone else? We live in a world where there is a perception that a woman will only be truly happy if she finds a man to marry. The stress of an invisible clock is draining on the energy. The pressure is there from a young age and it is a global problem that the brand SK-II is putting a spotlight on. The #ChangeDestiny campaign used to be about changing the destiny of your skin, but now it also about changing the destiny of your life.



In many Asian countries there is a term called “leftover women” which categorize unmarried women over the age of 27. Our mom was married at the age of 28. She was considered a leftover woman which is a very interesting label. However, our mom certainly did not feel like one. She wanted to find the right man, but not at all costs. Instead of dwelling and searching she simply got to know herself better and found happiness through friends and family.

We genuinely think that our mom’s independency during her youth has influenced our decisions to chase after our dreams. We moved to Australia on our own and has decided to focus on our career instead of finding the right relationship. Personally, I’m in a long-distance relationship of nearly four years. I decided to come to Australia for studies, because I believe it’s important to be in control of your own life and be able to make independent decisions. It is so important to understand the importance of having your own voice. We choose to go down our own path and put our happiness above everything else. We are the owner of our choices.


SK-II has made a beautiful video that shares the important message that women should stay empowered and live the way that they want to live. You should not let the society or anyone feel entitled to put a limitation on your ambitions and achievements. No woman should feel pressured to obey to an outdated norm. We all have the power to #ChangeDestiny. We never expire, and you shouldn’t either.

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