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One of the biggest trends this season is to keep it all about the skin. Long gone are the days when it was all about keeping the lipstick matte, adding translucent powder on top of your makeup look and raiding retailers for everything mattifying. These days, it’s all about hydrating your skin through a nine step skincare regime, integrating face oils into your makeup routine and all things that shimmer. It is a skin trend that originated from Korea and the focus is on hydrating and getting that subtle glow. The dewy skin trend is all about looking like you just came out of a work-out routine or spent a day at the beach underneath the sun. The Candid team has seen it everywhere from backstage during fashion weeks, on your favorite Instagram influencers and of course on the daily. It is so refreshing to keep up with a trend that is no longer cakey, but rather shiny wet-looking skin. Candid approves!


Together with Bobbi Brown, we have created this simple glow look in a long awaited video tutorial. It’s quick, it’s easy and gives the most natural results. With a variety of products in hand I, Tsutsumi, show you an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to get that dewy look. It is pretty similar to how I usually do my makeup with only a few color changes.


I have tested Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick these last few months. The palette is amazing and has a variety of apricot and coral tones. I have it in the shade Nectar that fits perfectly with my skin tone. I use a blender brush to apply the shimmer, but go over with my fingers if I want to add more details. The Candid fam will definitely see more of this product from now!

Bobbi Brown

– Products mentioned in this video: –

Bobbi Brown Glow Stick – here.

Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder – here.

Nectar Shimmer Brick – here.

Face Blender Brush – here.

Song:  Matjang – Waves

I hope you like it. Speak to you very soon!

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  • Du har så ffin hud, eller dere begge har <3 bruker dere falses lashes? I allefall er det noen typer dere anbefaler? 🙂 og hvilken produkter har du brukt til øyebryna her?

    Vet ikke om dere har ført bloggen i en annen retning, men savner litt hverdagslige innlegg her og der, selvom jeg elsker sminketipsene! elsker for eks. å følge dere på snapchat for det er mye mer personlig selvom det bare er små klipper <3 hadde vært koselig å lese om livet i Australia eller rett og slett helt hverdagslige innlegg 🙂

    • Hei Elisabeth,

      Takk for en veldig hyggelig tilbakemelding. Vi begge bruker false lashes fra HOUSE OF LASHES, og i det siste har jeg begynt å ta på vipper “en og en” istedenfor en hel vippe da det gir en mer naturlig effekt. Til øyenbryn pleier vi egentlig bare å bytte på hele tiden, så noen ganger er det Booki Brows eller Duo Eyebrow fra MAC Cosmetics.

      Jeg er helt enig med deg at det ser ut til at bloggen har blitt mer kommersielt. Vi har vært så opptatt på å levere bra content sammen med samarbeidspartnere at vi rett og slett har glemt å skrive litt om hverdagen vår. Vi publiserte et innlegg idag om livet her i Australia, så håper det er av interesse 🙂 Det hjelper veldig med tilbakemelding, så tusen takk for det! x

  • I love Bobbi Brown products! And I always love the make-up you and your sister are wearing. Would it be possible for you to share how you do your make-up from foundation to eye-make-up? Many thanks xx

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