Creating a blog requires three things. A computer, a blog name and a vision. It’s quick, cheap and anyone can do it. What’s not so easy, is gaining an audience and continuously build and maintain it. That’s called determination. And to be honest? We are so far behind. It’s crazy hard. We’re still trying to figure it out. Here are seven challenges we encounter as bloggers, I hope you find it a good read.

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The Risk Of Failure.

Firstly, it’s doubting yourself. Being a blogger, freelancer or working on your own is risky. We’re not getting any younger. Is this the right path? Should we go back to school? What about the student loan?  Is this just temporarily before we have get a normal job? You have to rely on yourself, your capabilities, your network and your luck.

Working At The Most Random Hours Of The Day.

Oh, is it 1:30am already? When the majority of your partners are global it means they live in different time zones. Replying back on emails and projects can be at all times as you want it to fit with the client’s business hours on the other end.

Most of the time you work from home, at cafes or anywhere with a proper wi-fi connection. When you don’t have 9-5 job, it’s so easy to lose track of time. Ahh, how the morning flies by when you start at noon you’re so determined. When there’s nothing you have to do, it’s so easy to sleep in and later complain on how there’s not enough hours in a day. The lack of time-management results in working until the morning hours and during the weekends. You are constantly thinking about what to produce and how to improve. It’s a never-ending task and you always run around totally guilt ridden.

The Uncertainty.

Will we be able to pay rent this month? Should we work for free? Are our rates too high? Do we have to kiss ass?

Exciting times, really.

Fashion Bloggers

Being Super Extra Broke.

Having to live up to the expectations of a fashion & lifestyle blogger can be really expensive. You have to inspire with new styles on a regular basis, test out new beauty products and travel a lot.

The solution to fashion blogging ? To mix high and low. When new collections are out, PR-agencies loan out pieces from collections for special occasions such as fashion week. Sometimes, bloggers get gifted pieces and other times they’re paid to wear certain brands.

We started our fashion blog styling pieces from the fashion mass market; Zara and H&M. Because of this, we learned to swap items between each other, reinvented pieces and styled it to the best of our ability. When you’re short of cash, it helps you to think creatively and have fun in the process of being fashionably cool.

ZARA is the mecca for fashionistas on a budget. The clothes are affordable, has great quality and best thing of all? You can’t even tell the difference if you style it right. They key is to go there often and pick out the nicest pieces before it’s sold out. Stockholm Fashion Week is living proof of that. We got invited and had very little time to plan, so a lot of our outfits were a good mix of Zara and designer brands. A definite go-to!

Brands Undervaluing Bloggers.

One of the biggest admin work bloggers and influencers have to sort out are the massive email send-outs from pr-agencies, brands and designers. More often than not, brands reach out asking bloggers to promote products and services. One of the biggest problems are the lack of transparency. You’ll get presented a campaign proposal with a specified brief, a written text and how it all should be done. But what’s lacking is why the brand wants to work with the specific blogger, what makes them unique and how the blogger would be of benefit doing this. It’s simple, really. The blogger is just a tiny piece of marketing puzzle and the brands are on a mission to gain a high return for little investment. If brands want to go premium they have to to treat their influencers on a premium level as well.

We’ve had our fair share of brands both start-ups and big corporations approach us in an unprofessional way. “We have such a strong brand image, so we don’t have to pay anyone to promote for us, but we would love you to create a post in exchange for an outfit” or “You have to prove to us that you’re worthy” No, no, no. That’s definitely not how you should approach a blogger. I guess it all comes down to the brand managers and how they should word their proposals when communicating with creatives.

This also applies to the bloggers who talks about knowing your market value. What is your market value if you’re constantly thinking about paying your bills and saying no to opportunities because it’s unpaid? You should be busy building awareness around your brand. Sometimes, saying yes to something minor leads to bigger opportunities in the long-term. What we don’t earn in cash, we earn knowledge, recognition and credibility.

It’s a major challenge for bloggers who wants to go professional, but remember; It’s the power of saying no. We spend our time, efforts and attention creating value for brands, but it’s important to know that blogging is no longer a hobby, but an industry. Traditional media are losing out because companies are allocating their marketing budget to a new innovative industry. Brands needs to work with bloggers in order to stay relevant and bloggers need to grasp opportunities when given the chance. Everything is negotiable and it should always be a win-win.

The Opinion Of Others.

The way you carry yourself says a lot about who you are. If you work as a waitress, own up to it. If you work as an accountant, represent it with pride. Blogging is no longer just a side-thing, it’s become its own industry. It’s a challenge when bloggers who are just starting out talks down on their own blog; saying it’s only a hobby, or that they eventually will go find a real job.

It’s so important to consistently represent the industry you’re in with integrity and authenticity. Especially if you’re going to give it a go. Bloggers who undervalue themselves and do majority of their work for free makes it hard for everyone else who are working their butts off. It’s not shameful to be ambitious and no one should put themselves in a box. It might be a cliche, but everything is possible if you believe in it.

Not one, but two who are in it to win it.

This is pretty self-explanatory, right? We are two. It’s double the trouble and double the risk. We are living in Sydney paying a crazy high rent relying on our business to stay afloat. Long gone are the days we were financially dependent on our parents. We had to travel to the other side of the world and live on our own to try and see where this career might take us. We needed to create a real sense of emergency.

Oh, imagine how proud our parents must be.

Fashion Blogger

That’s it! If you made it this far, you must have found this post interesting. Thank you for taking the time to give it a good read.

A special thank you, to the girls who leave a comment here. We always get overly excited when we receive feedback, knowing you spent time and effort to leave us a comment. Your encouragement or just a random comment brings us the most joy. It gives us a sense of who you are instead of feeling like we are talking to a screen. Thank you so much! 🙂 ♥

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  • I usually just follow your instas and snaps, but it’s refreshing to read these kinds of blogposts! Getting to know how things work, what struggles you’re facing and what’s on your minds, it’s truly interesting! Wish you all the best, that you keep following your passion 🙂

    • Hi Ane,
      Thank you 🙂 I thought it would be interesting too, because most of the time these insights are kept within the industry and even then we rarely talk about it. I know if I was a reader I would have loved to know more about what goes on behind the scenes in the fashion industry. Thank you for giving it a read <3

  • It’s always nice to read about people’s struggles when your instagram posts look so polished and glamorous. I’m just starting my skincare business so I’m excited to see where this journey takes me.

    • Indeed, Nicole! Despite for it being not a common topic, I just had to throw in my two cents. I think it not only applies to the industry that we are in, but the ever increasing rise of self-starters and freelancers. Lots of good luck on your skin care business! xx

  • Damn so relatable and true. Really enjoyed hearing your take in it too. I love the part where you said bloggers should’nt undervalue themselves, it’s so true! I hope more people see this!

    • Me too, Eliza! So glad you liked the post x
      The industry is definitely heading towards a more professional direction though! I am certain that bloggers and influencers are just going to grow and agencies will be established to make sure everyone is treated in a fair manner.

  • Thank you for addressing these topics that are not so often talked about. I especially liked how you mentioned that blogging is no longer a hobby but it’s own industry. So you believe that this is now a career choice? What are your thoughts on new comers in this overly saturated market? Would they still have a chance to create a name/brand for themselves despite so many others out there? Apologies on throwing so many questions all at once but I’m really curious to know from a bloggers pov.

    • Hi Sarah,
      It is so lovely to hear from you !

      Yes, I 100% believe it’s a career choice. This is not something that’s a trend, it’s a global movement and multinationals are understanding the effect of working with influencers. In order to be innovative we all have to adapt to the changes. Five years ago, the term influencers in the first world countries was still an uncommon thing. Now we’ve seen a shift where fashion editors leave their jobs to pursue a new path because they understand that brands are allocating their marketing budget from traditional media to influencers. In Norway and Australia, all professional bloggers are getting paid. Whilst in developing countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia it’s still a fun side-thing and in Thailand it’s a good mix of both.

      Yes, of course. I don’t think it’s over saturated at all. Each blogger is different. It’s like listening to music. You have different genres, artists and tunes. It’s something for everyone.

      I feel like our followers are going to grow with us and be more mature. We also choose to be a niche and write about beauty and fashion related content. Ultimately, that leaves a gap for other age groups and other interests to emerge.

      I just genuinely think its important to be in it for the right reasons. With a world sharing billions of content everyday you would have to continuously create original and innovative content. It’s important to stay relevant, especially if you want to make a living out of it 🙂 Hope that helped x

  • Honestly , this article is so inspiring , which help me to sympathize with bloggers and know what struggles that blogger would be faced to . My goal is to be a beauty blogger and i think this article give me motivation and preparation for my future . Love ❤

    • Hello Thao,

      Thank you so much! I’m so obsessed with watching beauty bloggers and seem to always find newcomers 🙂 Happy I could motivate you with my random thoughts. Lots of luck on your path on finding your passion! <3

  • This was actually a much needed post! I’m a fairly new content creator myself and the struggle is real. It’s definitely takes a lot to put yourself out there snd grow your audience.

    I really appreciate how you spoke about how brands undervalue us. Some don’t understand that our creativity and time is worth so much.

    I’ve been following you guys for years and I love how honest and real you are to your audience about your lives. Being creator isn’t all glamorous and easy as others may see it. It’s a lot of self discipline, hard work, and dedication. So proud of how far you girls have come! Keep up the amazing work! Love you beauties. 💕

    • Hi Nikka Gabrielle,

      First of all, thank you for your sweet words. This made us really happy to read 🙂 It also is a reassurance knowing we’re all in this together. I can’t help but think that practice makes perfect, so soon the struggle will seem like a breeze.

      Good luck on your journey as a content creator <3 I hope we cross paths in the future xx

  • Wow! This is so insightful! Thank you so much for making this post, I have been following you both for a while and now I realise how much work is put into your photographs and blogs which seem so effortlessly perfect- you both are incredibly brave and I respect your passions, blogging is definitely not just a hobby. Though it may not seem recognised now, I think you two are opening doors and reshaping the next generation of work, keep being inspirational you rock!

    • Hi Evelyn,

      Thank you for your kind words. You’re so sweet 🙂
      I hope you also continue to work on improving yourself and never settle for less. Good luck with everything! xx

  • Hi Alex!

    As promised that I mentioned to you via your insta story here I am, at home and just finished reading your blog.

    You and your Sister’s journey has really inspired me. To work hard, to believe in ourselves and to be determined and to not give up.

    I hope you know that there are many out there who support you including myself, as fans and hopefully friends too.

    I look forward to your bright future and thank you for being my source of inspiration and role models.

    Lots of love,
    Suzy from Singapore❤️

    • Hi Suzy,
      Thank you so, so much for leaving a comment here! This was so well written and made me really happy. The words that you associate with us are a reflection of yourself, so I truly believe you are also all the traits that you describe us as. Thank you for inspiring us to continue <3 I have to head back to Singapore soon 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing Alex. You’ve given your followers a really good insight into your blogging journey and have definitely given me some really good tips to think about when I start mine. Best of luck with it all x

  • Ble både glad og trist da jeg leste innlegget her! Glad fordi jeg elsker slike personlige innlegg, og jeg tror faktisk at innlegg som treffer en sensitiv nerve hos leserne og får dem til å relatere seg, er nøkkelen til suksess. Fashion får man mye inspirasjon av, men er ofte slik at man er mer interessert i personer man føler kanskje man “kjenner” litt, jeg syns for eksempel Kenza har en utrolig god balanse:) men ble direkte lei meg og.. for syns alt virkelig så fint og luksus på Snap og insta, og tenker ofte hvor heldige dere er som har denne fantastiske jobben! ser ut som dere har mange samarbeidspartnere og lever virkelig livet. Men så feil kan man ta og man vet virkelig ikke noe mer enn det lille bildet som blir postet i sosiale medier. Alle bekymringene dere har og husleien trodde jeg virkelig ikke vær et problem en gang, så er virkelig glad for at dere bretter dette ut, for kan virkelig kjenne meg igjen! Jeg er sikker på at dere lykkes en dag, det går kanskje litt sakte, men ganske sikkert til tops<3

    • Hei Elisabeth,

      Tusen takk for en veldig koselig melding ! 🙂 Super hyggelig at du tok deg tiden til å gi oss en kommentar. Det er ikke noe å være lei seg over altså – hadde det vært opp til oss hadde vi ikke valgt noe annet. Denne jobben er kjempegøy, og jeg syntes virkelig ikke det er noe å bekymre seg for. Hadde ikke vært like spennende om alt gikk på skinner, hvis du skjønner? 🙂 Tusen takk for fine ord altså, du er så snill og vi er så glad for at du støtt og stadig legger igjen en kommentar xx

  • You two are so beautiful and inspiring! I really love how honest & genuine you are and I wish I could be more like you both! Lots of love & support from London!